DUTIES: The employee will perform the duties of “Operation Plans Specialist SME” which shall include: The J3 SOJTF supports and coordinates responsive support to Special Operations Joint Task Forces day-to-day operations, crisis response, and contingency planning. SME shall support SOJTF planning, pre-deployment preparation, and deployment. SME shall support and assist with SOJTF integration with USSOCOM global synchronization of Department of Defense (DoD) transregional combating terrorism efforts from design and implementation through assessment of planning efforts and staff development events. Tasks include:

a. Liaison, coordinate with, and provide analysis to all participants in planning, preparing, deploying and supporting a SOJTF; including USSOCOM, GCCs, TSOCs, Joint Staff, Office of the Secretary of Defense, NATO, the interagency, and other participating partners and allies.

b. Understand the strategic level environment, issues, atmospherics, dynamics, requirements, and processes used in the Joint Staff, OSD, the Interagency, National Security Council Staff, and subordinate Component Commands.

c. Edit, and review written orders, plans, briefings, and papers. Orally present analyses of these products effectively to senior leaders including GO/FO and SES.

d. Provide clear, concise, accurate, easily understandable, and technically correct information, papers, memos, and briefings for senior leaders to inform, influence or make decisions.

e. Facilitate seminars and small group discussions at staff development events that support pre- deployment preparation, deployment, and redeployment.

f. Provide relevant professional information to SOJTF concerning the historical, political, military, cultural, religious, and economic conditions, and factors that personnel deploying in support of SOJTF may encounter.

g. Assist in hosting/chairing meetings, visitations or conferences related to SOJTF operations, force generation activities, and other initiatives.

h. Analyze, evaluate and assess the impacts of external plans, policies, and guidance on USSOCOM; provide recommendations regarding potential USSOCOM actions in response to the external guidance, requirements, and other factors.


Specific Roles and Responsibilities:

a. Bachelor’s degree in any field.

b. 5 years combined Joint, SOF, or Interagency experience working joint military operations conducted in a joint, combined, and interagency environment.

c. Graduate of a JPME course, Intermediate Development Course, a Senior Professional Military Education Course, or civilian equivalent

d. 3 years’ experience working with the DoD

e. 5 years’ experience in operational or corporate level planning and design

f. 5 years’ experience in corporate level document drafting, editing, proofing and briefing.

g. Current DoD Top Secret clearance and eligible for SCI access