Job Responsibilities:

Legion Systems seeks exceptionally qualified Intelligence Analysts (IA) to support USSOCOM.


Intelligence Analysts responsible for researching, developing, and presenting intelligence products at the operational level for senior leaders including CT and regional analysis, GEOINT, HUMINT, SIGINT, OSINT/PAI, political/military analysis and support to targeting. Intelligence analysts shall interface with other intelligence organizations to fully prepare teams for exploitation of enemy personnel, as well as prepare post screening analytical products and assessments supporting targeting efforts, and threat analysis. Intelligence Analysts are responsible for the production of intelligence assessments and products in support of deployed SOF Task Forces to enable the F3EAD targeting cycle.


Employees must maintain global readiness and be available to deploy on a no-notice basis to hazardous duty/combat zones. Deployments may be to a theater of operations with permissive, uncertain, or hostile environments while living in austere conditions for extended periods.


Expert-Level Intelligence Exploitation Analysts (EX) shall have advanced targeting skills and firsthand experience targeting networks, individuals within networks, and identifying vulnerabilities for exploitation. Intelligence analysts shall have a deep understanding of the F3EAD targeting cycle as well as the current data, tools, and techniques used for each phase of targeting. Advanced Microsoft Office skills and proficiency using current analytic tools, databases and Intelligence and operational systems is required.


Intelligence Exploitation Analysts shall provide analytical and planning support to Interrogation, Exploitation and Detainee operations and other HUMINT missions. Intelligence Exploitation Analysts shall perform analysis, provide intelligence products and perform intelligence research to support HUMINT/Detainee interviews. Intelligence Exploitation analysts shall provide intelligence summaries as a result of each supported HUMINT/Detainee interview in accordance with USSOCOM procedures.


Expert-Level Intelligence Exploitation Analysts (EX) shall possess the following qualifications:


• Minimum of ten (10) years analytical experience within DoD or equivalent Government agencies required, with five (5) years at the operational level.

• Shall be highly proficient in utilizing current intelligence related automation, applications, tools, and databases to support analytical efforts and product development.

• Shall possess strong briefing skills.

• Shall possess advance working knowledge of Interrogation, Exploitation and Detainee Operations and other HUMINT missions including methodologies and systems.

• Strong background and firsthand experience is required in the following analytical areas: Regional Analysis, Geo-Political Analysis, HUMINT/SIGINT Analysis and Collection management.

• Acute knowledge of SOF and CT intelligence experience is highly desirable.

• Current Top-Secret clearance and SCI eligible.

• Must possess a valid US passport

• Must be able to pass all pre-deployment requirements including a medical, dental, psychological, background, credit, and security screens as deemed necessary to be considered deployable.

• Must be able to obtain all required immunizations deemed necessary by the contract.