DC Green Bank seeks a Director of Investments to help continue to build this cutting-edge, mission-driven organization. The Director of Investments is responsible for developing, deploying, and managing the organization’s financial offerings and securing capital funding from outside sources. The Director will engage with DC Government, commercial enterprises, local banks, and other local, public-serving stakeholders and actively seek new products that address market barriers and are aligned with the organization’s mission. The relevant bank’s investment sectors include, but are not limited to, solar power, green buildings, stormwater resilience, and clean transport.   




  • Develop and manage a range of financial products using market-proven models and methodologies that address gaps in financing availability and support the mission of DC Green Bank.
  • Work with DCGB staff to conduct ongoing data analysis to evaluate DCGB capital deployment strategies’ success, refine them, and drive DCGB capital resources’ future allocation.
  • Collaborate closely with the Director of Credit Underwriting to ensure consistent process and standards across origination and risk management to ensure the successful execution of origination, impact and risk management goals
  • Lead the assessment and implementation of new financial products and strategies in the sector.
  • Recommend and design processes improvements and develop analytic tools to strengthen the investment risk management process.
  • Stay abreast of sustainability trends, financing products, and legislation that directly affects DC Green Bank, our stakeholders, and constituents; keep clients and client pipeline apprised of current trends and organizational happenings.
  • Provide relationship management to program applicants and project participants.
  • Develop strategies to market and increase utilization of DC Green Bank products.


  • Collaborate with the Director of Underwriting to ensure credit standards are understood and applied consistently across transactions.
  • Lead investments team in underwriting and due diligence activities and provide a comprehensive evaluation and risk analysis of investment opportunities, while accounting for community limitations, to create processes that are focused on inclusive prosperity, adjusting standard, systemized qualifications to address community needs.
  • Structure and negotiate financing terms of DCGB’s financing and investments with counterparties and partners.
  • Work diligently to close investment deals, keeping the team on track to meet and exceed the organization’s financial and impact targets.
  • Provide regular updates to executives on developing existing and new programs, transactions, and investment pipeline activities.

People Management

  • Manage a team of associates and managers to develop and execute sector strategies to achieve origination and impact targets through direct lending, partnership origination and channel management.
  • Oversee the origination team to ensure successful closings of solar PV projects, clean mobility projects, and other mission-oriented initiatives.
  • Mentor staff to perform origination, underwriting, analysis, closing and asset management roles.
  • Work with each team member to define and manage annual goals and provide continuous feedback to achieve professional development objectives.


  • Lead the engagement and outreach with DC Government offices, commercial businesses, local investors, and local banks to secure long-term partnerships and investments that play an integral role in sustainability, energy, and the environment.
  • Serve as an internal expert on public financing and as a critical liaison to DC government agencies and other key stakeholders.
  • Represent DC Green Bank at events and outreach opportunities.
  • Manage relationships with financial partners, contractors, and other stakeholders.
  • Contribute relevant information and research content to internal and outward-facing communication venues.

DCGB Capacity Building

  • Promote a culture of equal access and inclusive prosperity within the organization.
  • Foster and support junior members of the investment team and mentor their careers.
  • Partner with the Chief Investment Officer to grow DCGB’s expertise in sustainable finance, through training and experiential learning for all team members.

     Minimum Qualifications  

      • Masters (preferred) or Undergraduate with experience in relevant sector such as: Finance, Business Administration, Clean Energy, Public Policy, or Economics   
      • Prior experience in banking or project finance required  
      • Experience in clean technology investment preferred  
      • Deep acumen in financial analysis, counterparty analysis, deal structuring, deal closing and client relationships management  
      • Supervision of others  
      • Time management  
      • Superior skills interacting with borrower, financial partners and public sector decision makers 

    Ultimately, we are looking for the right person with the right set of skills to fill the position. There is no perfect candidate. Highlight the best parts of your experience that align with the job description as staff at all positions in DC Green Bank are encouraged to learn and grow to make this the best place to work 


    Position Details   

        • Status: Full-time  
        • Location: Washington, DC; Hybrid work environment, currently two (2) days in the office and three (3) days remote 
        • Salary: $165,000/annually 
        • Strong preference is given to candidates who reside in Washington, DC or commit to relocating to Washington, DC within 6 months of employment. This may be a term of employment. 

    To Apply   

    Interested applicants should submit (1) a detailed cover letter expressing their interest and fit for the position, and (2) a CV/resume clearly outlining experience, abilities, and qualifications satisfying the needs of the organization.    


    Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.   


    About DC Green Bank: 

    DC Green Bank develops and facilitates innovative financial solutions to support District businesses, organizations, and residents on the path to a cleaner future for all. We invest in solar energy systems, energy efficient buildings and retrofits, green stormwater infrastructure, and transportation electrification in line with our values of Sustainability, Clean Economy, and Inclusive Prosperity. To date, DC Green Bank has invested millions of dollars in a cleaner, greener, and more equitable future. To learn more, please visit us at 


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