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About Us

We at Blue Frontier are racing to solve arguably the biggest sustainability problem in the world using disruptive technology and business models. Air conditioning is the fastest growing use of electricity in the US and globally. If present trends continue, by 2050 air conditioning electricity consumption will be bigger than the combined electricity consumption of China and India today!

Blue Frontier’s AC system combines dew-point-style sensible cooling with liquid desiccant dehumidification to reduce electricity use by up to 90%. The desiccant is recharged and stored when electricity is the cleanest or lowest cost, and later used to deliver cooling when electricity is dirty or costly. These features enable our system to solve an array of today’s largest sustainability problems — from the Duck Curve to peak load management, from humidity control to integration of intermittent renewable resources.

We are looking for high-calibre candidates in Engineering, Science and Manufacturing and Operations departments. Roles may range from shop-floor technicians to senior management level positions. As a fast-moving and growing startup business we are constantly looking for exceptional candidates who are highly motivated, adaptable, share our mission to change the world for the better, and are outstanding performers in their field. If you are also creative, personable, highly responsible, passionate, intelligent, and driven, you should join us.

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Our Benefits and Perks

We offer highly competitive salaries commensurate with the position and level of capabilities of the applicant. Benefits include medical and dental insurance, paid vacation and holidays.

Our Current Job Openings
Role Type Location
Head Product Manager - DOAS Full-time Blue Frontier HQ
Research Scientist Full-time Blue Frontier HQ
HVAC Field Technician Full-time Blue Frontier HQ
Quality Engineer Full-time Blue Frontier HQ