This in an extraordinary opportunity to come in at the ground floor of a fast growing, ultra-high impact CleanTech startup. We at Blue Frontier are racing to solve arguably the biggest sustainability problem in the world using disruptive technology and business models. Air conditioning is the fastest growing use of electricity in the US and globally. If present trends continue, by 2050 air conditioning electricity consumption will be bigger than the combined electricity consumption of China and India today!

Blue Frontier’s AC system combines dew-point-style sensible cooling with liquid desiccant dehumidification to reduce electricity use by up to 90%. The desiccant is recharged and stored when electricity is the cleanest or lowest cost, and later used to deliver cooling when electricity is dirty or costly. These features enable our system to solve an array of today’s largest sustainability problems — from the Duck Curve to peak load management, from humidity control to integration of intermittent renewable resources.

Working in the Product Development department and reporting to the VP of Product Development, the Senior Controls Engineer will work with the VP of Product Development to drive technology and product improvement and reach the next level in efficiency, flexibility, and user-experience. Successful applicants will find themselves in a role that involves developing complex control algorithms for optimizing the air conditioner’s multivariate operational modes, dispatching the unit’s energy storage at optimal times in concert with the electrical grid, and creating an ideal user experience to allow owners and operators to visualize the technology’s many benefits. The successful candidate will also work with the CTO and Science team to assist with the delivery and data collection for experiments and tests that have the potential to yield results that dramatically improve the performance and efficiency of the Blue Frontier HVAC systems.

To the ideal candidate, this position is an opportunity to create products with the potential to literally change the world for the better. If you are creative, personable, highly responsible, passionate, intelligent, and driven, you should join us.

Roles and Responsibilities

Controls Development

  • For commercial smart HVAC units and internal prototypes, develop new and refine existing control software on multiple hardware and software platforms including PLC/ladder logic and NI/LabVIEW
  • Develop complex control algorithms for novel HVAC hardware, which may include:
    • Optimizing the performance of the smart air conditioner and its interaction of the building via smart and adaptive control systems
    • Control of utility-managed energy storage/peak shifting/demand response functions
    • Machine learning and AI systems for digital twin and predictive maintenance
  • Optimize multivariate operational modes
  • Optimize control algorithms for user experience and electrical grid value generation (such as peak load shifting)
  • Support HVAC unit internal test processes
    • De-bugging of control algorithms
    • Performance measurement and data acquisition
    • Design and optimization improvements

Data Acquisition & Presentation

  • Lead the migration to unified platform for DAQ and control hardware and software, e.g. custom PCB programmed in C
  • Support IoT efforts for remote data storage, retrieval, analysis and presentation

Pilot Project Support

  • Monitor data for real-world pilot HVAC units deployed on buildings and provide insights into performance, reliability and quality considerations
  • Provide remote support for diagnosing and resolving any issues in the field

Research Project Support

  • Work with the CTO and Principal Scientist on laboratory test rigs that require controls expertise
  • Assist with data collection, analysis and interpretation for R&D experiments on an as-needed basis

Skills & Capabilities

Education & Experience

  • 7+ years relevant industry experience, with emphasis in product development and analysis of highly engineered systems and hardware
  • Engineering Degree from a top 100 university.
  • Data Acquisition experience essential (both sensor data collection as well as back-end remote data transfer and coordination)
  • HVAC, Energy Storage System, Virtual Power Plant or smart meter controls experience would be a “plus”
  • A working knowledge of thermodynamics and fluid dynamics would be a “plus”
  • Experience with development of data platforms for measurement data storage and analytics would be a “plus”
  • Experience applying predictive analytics to data collected from complex systems, in order to drive control algorithms, predictive maintenance algorithms and reporting insights would be a “plus”

Technical Skills

  • Extensive software skills, including C, LabVIEW, ladder logic and Python, using custom PCB, National Instruments and PLC data acquisition and control hardware platforms.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Compensation & Benefits


Highly competitive salary commensurate with the position and level of capabilities of the applicant


Medical and dental insurance. Paid vacation and holidays.

Location and Travel

This role will be based in our Boca Raton facility which is located close to Boca Raton Tri-Rail station. This role is eligible for relocation support for suitably qualified candidates.

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