This is a fantastic opportunity to make an impact at a fast growing CleanTech startup that recently raised $20M in Series A venture funding from Breakthrough Energy Ventures, 2150 and Volo Earth Ventures.

We at Blue Frontier are racing to solve arguably the biggest sustainability problem in the world using disruptive technology and business models. Air conditioning is the fastest growing use of electricity in the US and globally. If present trends continue, by 2050 air conditioning electricity consumption will be bigger than the combined electricity consumption of China and India today! You can help us bring to market a technology that delivers a revolutionary step-change improvement in efficiency and performance of air conditioning systems, whilst actively facilitating increased use of renewable energy on the grid, creating massive global decarbonization potential.

Reporting to Blue Frontier’s CTO and working closely with our Principal Scientist, the Research Chemist will be our in-house expert on the chemistry of our liquid desiccants and will carry out research and experimentation to help optimize performance, lifetime, maintenance requirements and reliability of our novel liquid-desiccant driven HVAC systems.

We are looking for a candidate with a strong academic background, enjoys doing experimental chemistry and who also thrives in a fast-paced startup business environment. To the ideal candidate, this position is an opportunity to help bring new and highly impactful clean technology into the market at scale - and literally change the world for the better.

Roles and Responsibilities

Fundamental Chemistry Research

  • Investigate physical properties of our proprietary liquid desiccant (e.g. vapor pressure, conductivity, heat of mixing, viscosity, and more)
  • Develop novel methods for sensing the desiccant’s concentration based on these physical properties
  • Explore potential failure modes the desiccant may experience, such as contamination by airborne pollutants, precipitation of solutes, crystallization, etc.
  • Propose practical solutions to these potential problems, driving positive improvements in the performance and reliability of the system

R&D Engineering

  • Work closely with the Principal Scientist to assist in chemistry-based solutions to water-wick-air interactions and wicking performance
  • Work closely with the Product Development team to inform of any impact that construction materials may have on the chemistry and performance of the desiccant
  • General administrative tasks in the lab when required

Skills and Capabilities

    Education & Experience

          • Masters’ degree (or PhD Preferred) in Chemistry from a top 100 University
          • 5 years’ experience in chemistry research (some industry experience preferred but not required)

                        Skills & Knowledge

                        • Deep knowledge of Chemistry, especially in applied research and "hands on experimentation”
                        • Knowledge particularly in the fields of corrosion, passivation, precipitation, freezing point depression, and the effects of pollutant contamination on these various properties.
                        • Experience with molecular simulation towards predicting these effects is a “plus”

                        Compensation and Benefits


                        Highly competitive salary commensurate with the position and level of capabilities of the applicant.


                        Medical and dental insurance. Paid vacation and holidays.

                        Location and Travel

                        This role will be located in South Florida at our brand new Palm Beach County (Boca Raton) Headquarters. This is an office/lab based role.

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