Our company, Qeexo, brings together a unique combination of expertise in machine learning, human computer interaction, and hardware integration to create revolutionary lightweight machine learning solutions.

We are looking for a machine learning intern who loves working with sensor data, loves developing novel algorithms, is not afraid of challenging, open-ended problems, and wants to help us shape the future of lightweight machine learning. You will be supervised by a highly capable team of machine learning engineers and will have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the growth of a burgeoning startup.

As a Machine Learning Research Intern, your responsibilities will include:

  • Bring in fresh ideas into our machine learning products and platform
  • Designing experiments to advance our machine learning understanding and techniques
  • Running experiments to improve the core algorithms of Qeexo products on consumer devices
  • Modeling performance of Qeexo products on new hardware, sensor, and interaction platforms
  • Developing new algorithms to improve our engine calibration process, data analysis, and automation pipeline
  • Developing algorithms for new Qeexo solutions

Ideal Candidate

  • Pursuing MS or PhD in Computer Science/EE/ECE and a proven track record of academic and/or industry experience in fields related to machine learning and signal processing
  • Deep knowledge of statistical and machine learning approaches and problem domains acquired by courses, course projects, assignments, or research work
  • Strong coding ability in Python environment. Familiarity with JAVA/C++ and other OOP approaches to coding. (You may not be doing production-level coding but you will need to build prototypes/tools for experiments and analysis.)
  • Proven success with multiple ML/AI/classification projects (research papers, kaggle, open source implementations, etc.)
  • Expertise in one or more specific areas of research: neural nets, deep learning, signal processing, digital imaging, ensemble learning and system identification
  • Research-minded, ability to run experiments independently and present results to leadership
  • Comfortable working in a terminal environment, writing scripts (Bash/Python) to process data and implement algorithms

Other Requirements:

  • U.S. Work Authorization required

About Qeexo

Qeexo is the first company to automate end-to-end machine learning for edge devices. Its Qeexo AutoML platform provides an intuitive UI that allows users to collect, clean, and visualize sensor data and automatically build “tinyML” models using different algorithms. Spun out of Carnegie Mellon University, Qeexo is venture-backed and headquartered in Mountain View, CA, with offices in Pittsburgh, and Shanghai. Find more at https://qeexo.com/

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