Neocova is the leading provider of unified banking data management, analytics, and BSA/AML platforms based in Austin, Texas. Neocova has a fundamental vision that technology and data will change, improve, and empower how community banks operate and drive positive outcomes for their customers. We are hiring a talented data-oriented Solutions Engineer professional to join our growing solutions and delivery team. If you are a gifted data-driven solutions engineer and excited to be part of a winning team, Neocova is a magnificent place to grow your career.

Responsibilities for the Neocova Solutions Engineer

  • Work closely with the Neocova sales and product teams to prepare for Neocova platform technical solution architectures and customer briefings.
  • Provide detailed approaches and technical solutions and designs for customer banking data unification, processing, normalization, and transformation challenges.
  • Work with the solutions and delivery team for creating an initial engagement timeline and scope (Scope is based on a solutions and delivery agile execution model).
  • Assist other product and solutions engineers in creating practical demonstrations of the proposed Neocova solutions and demonstrating them to other members and the customer.
  • Analyze current technologies used within the customer environments and map Neocova solutions with steps and processes for improving products and solutions over time.
  • Document and monitor requirements needed to propose the appropriate Neocova solutions focusing on enhancing the customer experience. Work alongside project management and agile pod teams to successfully monitor progress and implementation of customer initiatives. Work closely with the Neocova customer success teams to monitor customer sentiment and help coordinate customer product and service feedback.
  • Account for possible customer engagement challenges or constraints and proactively seek to manage difficulties in collaboration with the solutions and delivery teams.
  • Build reference architectures, solution overviews, reusable data models, and components based on industry-leading practices.

Qualifications for the Neocova Solutions Engineer

  • Project development and leadership skills are preferred.
  • Experience in designing and developing data, IT, and cloud infrastructures.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering preferred.
  • Understand best practices regarding data and system security measures.
  • Experience with software engineering, customer experience, and data and analytics designs and architectures.
  • Have extensive knowledge and experience working with various operating systems (Linux, Windows).
  • Have the ability to work with multiple company functions to facilitate the orderly presentation and proposal of a customer agile engagement plan.
  • Must have a minimum of 5 years of Data Engineering experience.
  • Experience with Data practices and technologies, including data lake, data warehousing, data integration patterns (ETL, services, messaging), analytics, and business intelligence.
  • Experience with AWS, GCP, and Microsoft Cloud Platforms.
  • Possess in-depth knowledge of IT concepts, strategies and methodologies, diverse and emerging technologies, and new architectural concepts and principles.
  • Highly developed negotiation, consensus-building & influencing skills, facilitation, and the flexibility to respond to change quickly.
  • The candidate has highly developed oral and written communication skills; strong presentation skills.
  • The candidate has the ability to collaborate with all levels of the organization effectively.

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