Our mission is to spread DMARC everywhere. We offer superior tooling, educational resources, and expert support, but at our core we’re people helping other people understand and protect a vital asset—their email domains. Staying focused on our mission means we’re constantly improving by learning from the challenges that everyone faces while deploying DMARC.


At dmarcian, we strive to develop a deep understanding of the unique needs of our customers. Our customer-facing team educates customers about the technologies of email domain protection and the use of our platform, services, structures and plans. They work closely with clients and their teams over the course of their relationship with dmarcian—training and supporting users according to level of need.


The Role


As a New Business Representative (NBR), your focus will be on demystifying DMARC and related domain management solutions, articulating the use and value of our services, solving user issues, and maintaining client relationships. You will find innovative ways of engaging and educating users to ensure they progress in their journey to protect their digital assets. 


Using continuously gained technical and experiential knowledge, you will help optimize user experience across the company. You’ll act simultaneously as a technical solutions resource for potential clients while fulfilling inbound inquiries and advocating for customers. You will come to embody the “voice of the customer” and present to internal stakeholders how our collective offerings can mature and advance.


Who We’re Looking For


  • Organized. Professionally, you’re detail-oriented and capable of managing and prioritizing the needs of both customers and the organization in an asynchronous environment.

  • Communicator. Working remotely will be an opportunity for your communication skills to shine as you interact with customers and your colleagues via email, instant messaging and virtual meetings.

  • Curious. Curiosity drives you, and you’re driven to learn about DMARC and its supportive technologies. You have a belief in change.

  • Attentive. You have exceptional attentiveness to detail. You’ll listen to our clients’ unique needs and take a consultative approach with them.

  • Empathetic. You’ve researched us and you resonate with our culture and values and can practice empathy and patience for clients and coworkers with the capacity to acknowledge and resolve problems.

  • Experienced. A strong preference will be given to those with experience in cybersecurity, the email ecosystem, DNS, and domain management.

  • Please apply even if you don't think you have all the requirements!


  1. Develop and foster relationships with prospective customers through the trial and purchasing process.

  2. Engage with prospects of varying size, complexity and value.

  3. Maintain an accurate pipeline and documentation with a focus on deal progress, scope and next steps.

  4. Obtain and maintain a mastery of our core product and educational materials.

  5. Drive customer success through product adoption, customer onboarding, account retention efforts and product demonstrations.

  6. Commitment to timely and accurate responsiveness to prospects.

  7. Communicate tactfully with technical and nontechnical folks across verticals to explain how our products and services fit user needs—DMARC, SPF, DKIM, and associated best practices.

  8. Provide a positive user interaction whether through email, phone calls or other digital media.

  9. Serve as the primary contact for regional partners and Managed Service Providers. 

  10. Obtain and maintain a proficiency in answering Tier 1 technical/support inquiries that typically arise during the trial-to-conversion phase.

  11. Review, interpret and translate prospect account data into valuable conversations that lead to conversion.

  12. Handle live chat during respective regional times.


Role Objectives


  • Increase the percentage of prospective users converting to active customers.

  • Increase customer retention.

  • Solve user issues by focusing on systemic rather than symptomatic solutions.

  • The client’s improved understanding of the value and intricacies of domain management.

Why join us?


About dmarcian and our work environment:

  • We’re a small, remote-first, fast-growing, profitable, non-VC-funded global company.

  • A team of professionals working together with only enough process to make sure work happens without needing to understand how every individual gets their work done.

  • This role’s time zones: PST/CST/EST

See our About page for more information on our values, way of working, and to see the team.