Our mission is to make email better by spreading DMARC everywhere, but at our core, we’re people helping people. 

As an Account Manager based in Ireland, your focus will be on demystifying DMARC, articulating the use and value of our services, solving user issues, and maintaining client relationships. You will act simultaneously as a technical solutions resource for potential clients while fulfilling inbound inquiries and advocating for customers. Using continuously gained technical and experiential knowledge, you will help to optimise user experience across the company. This is an exciting opportunity to join dmarcian as we grow our team in Ireland. Please be prepared for a guided 90-day onboarding process, where you will be supported and fostered to learn your new role.

Who We’re Looking For

  • Experienced. A strong preference will be given to those with solid technical customer and advocacy experience. Information security experience would be an advantage, especially with email, DNS, and domain management technologies.

  • Communicator. Being able to work effectively in a remote environment is an opportunity for your communication skills to shine. Be comfortable with customer facing presentations and internal presentations, including Q&A sessions, as you will primarily interact with customers and your colleagues via email, instant messaging and virtual meetings. 

  • Organised. Professionally, you’re detail-oriented and capable of managing, balancing  and prioritising the needs of both customers, colleagues and the organisation in an asynchronous environment. You’re able to work independently and have the initiative to bring new ideas to share with the rest of the team.

  • Curious. Curiosity drives you, and you’re driven to learn about DMARC and its supportive technologies and have a belief in change. You will be able to learn, question and work both individually and collaboratively with the support of the dmarcian team.

  • Attentive. You have exceptional attentiveness to detail. You’ll listen to our clients’ unique needs and take a consultative approach with them. 

  • Empathetic. You’ve researched us and you resonate with our culture and values and can practise empathy and patience for clients and coworkers with the capacity to acknowledge and resolve problems.



  • Be knowledgeable about what we offer and how we can help nearly everyone (non-technical persons, small-medium businesses, government institutions, technical security teams, etc.).

  • Maximise customer utilisation of the dmarcian platform and provide direct assistance to other teams within dmarcian (e.g. new business team, project management, and billing counterparts). 

  • Drive customer success through product adoption, customer onboarding and account retention efforts. 

  • Work effectively as a remote employee with a combination of discipline, organisation, and effective communication.

  • Expertise working within a CRM and transacting with customers through renewal transactions, including upgrades and downgrades, and comfort in explaining plan differentiation and value adds of plan features. 

Role Objectives


  • Foster relationships with clients and team members to continue to drive high levels of renewals and improved understanding of DMARC and our management platform.

  • Cultivate EU business and constructively collaborate with team members in the EU. 

  • Practise effective self-management and be able to collaborate with other departments to continuously improve process and collateral as we introduce enhancements and new products and services.

  • Propose interesting opportunities to assist leadership in market research, strategic planning, and future features

  • Time and detail oriented, in particular with the pressures of ensuring customers have their accounts renewed prior to a paid subscription term expires.


    More information about our application process and what we offer can be found here

    Because dmarcian is committed to an inclusive hiring process, please identify yourself by the initial of your first name along with your full last name in your submitted application, resume and letter of interest. Please submit all documentation in PDF format.

    Our goal is to hire the best, brightest and most intrinsically motivated people. We also understand that can’t always be reflected via conventional work experience. At dmarcian, we believe diverse perspectives make us stronger. If you believe you have the skills and passion for this role and you like who we are, we encourage you to apply even if your previous experience isn’t a conventional match.

    dmarcian employs, trains, compensates, promotes, and supports regardless of race, religion, colour, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age, veteran status, and other protected status as required by applicable law (and because it is the right thing to do)



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