Our mission is to make email better by spreading DMARC everywhere, but at our core, we’re people helping people. 

We’re currently looking for a Deployment Representative to join our team!

Our Deployment team strives to understand the unique needs of our customers and how we can help them with their DMARC project. We educate them about the technologies of email domain protection and the use of our platform, services, structures and plans. Our Deployment team works closely with clients and their teams over the course of our engagement—planning, coordinating and supervising projects according to level of need. 

As a Deployment Representative, you will serve as a backbone of support and knowledgeable authority in regards to dmarcian technology, email authentication and project management. You will drive customer success through utilization of our platform and your sharp project management skills while assisting our new business team with your email technical proficiency.  

Who We’re Looking For

  • Experienced. You’ve worked in cybersecurity, the email ecosystem, DNS, domain management, and/or project management and you’re eager to share and grow.

  • Proficient.  You’re up to speed on email authentication technologies (DKIM, SPF, DMARC) and you’re always curious to know more.

  • Organized. Professionally, you’re detail-oriented and capable of managing and prioritizing the needs of both customers and the organization in an asynchronous environment.

  • Communicator. Working remotely will be an opportunity for your communication skills to shine as you interact with customers and your colleagues via email, instant messaging and virtual meetings. 

  • Empathetic. You’ve researched us and you resonate with our culture and values and can practice empathy and patience for clients and coworkers with the capacity to acknowledge and resolve problems.


  • Act simultaneously as a pre-sales technical solutions engineer, deployment-implementation specialist, and project manager as needed

  • Be an accessible product and technology leader within dmarcian, as well as an expert compliance and deployment advisor for our partners and customers

  • Approach projects with gusto, timeliness, expertise, and brevity

  • Communicate tactfully with technical and nontechnical folks across verticals to explain how our products and services fit user needs 

  • Provide a positive user interaction—whether through email, phone calls, or other digital mediums 

Role Objectives

  • Build and utilize your knowledge of dmarcian technology, email authentication and project management

  • Grow user awareness and understanding of DMARC through improved processes

  • Improve and foster internal practices and relationships

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