Our mission is to make email better by spreading DMARC everywhere, but at our core, we’re people helping people. 

The Product and Development teams are driven to create an inviting, inclusive user experience while maintaining and improving our free public tools and robust DMARC Management Platform. The technology we help customers implement is highly technical, but interactions with our tooling and platform should be informative and enjoyable.Our team uses Slack to communicate as well as Google Workspace to organize and communicate our work. The Development Team uses Unix-based machines, typically Macs, for development work.

As the Software Developer, you’ll primarily be in a support role in application maintenance and feature implementation. Along with our lead engineers, you’ll respond to spontaneous support requests and fulfill bug fixes.

Who We’re Looking For

  • Experienced. You have five or more years of building enterprise applications. We have a strong preference for folks with experience in cybersecurity, the email ecosystem, and DNS and domain management.

    • Platforms: Google Cloud Platform, UNIX-based systems, Gitlab CI/CD

    • Languages: Python, SQL

    • Frameworks: Django, Django REST

    • Databases: PostgreSQL

    • Demonstrable experience developing backend REST API services

    • Experience with Agile and/or scrum

    • Exposure/familiarity with Slack, Google Workspace, and Unix-based machines (typically Macs) 

  • Curious. Curiosity drives you, and you’re driven to learn about DMARC and its supportive technologies.

  • Communicator. Working remotely will be an opportunity for your communication skills to shine as you interact with customers and your colleagues via email, instant messaging and virtual meetings. 

  • Organized. Professionally, you’re detail-oriented and capable of managing and prioritizing the needs of both customers and the organization in an asynchronous environment.

  • Empathetic. You’ve researched us and you resonate with our culture and values. With the capacity to acknowledge and resolve problems, you practice empathy and patience with coworkers.



  • Work directly with stakeholders to design robust systems supporting day-to-day business needs.

  • Create a robust test suite for existing and future business logic. 

  • Create and integrate third-party/SaaS APIs into business systems.

  • Conversion of synchronous web utilities to asynchronous and stateful services. 

  • Participate in code reviews and other engineering initiatives and deliverables.

  • Be able to clearly articulate technical, architectural, and/or organizational problems and propose solutions to people who are not part of the Development Team.

  • Participate in the Development, Operations, and Product Circles to continuously improve products and best practices.

Role Objectives

  • Improve the approachability of the core product and supporting code bases

  • Solve scaling bottlenecks in critical services

  • Advocate for and strengthen best practices within engineering and companywide

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