As a Senior Designer, you are responsible for high-level creative and managing Associate-level Designers as assigned. You will design and/or oversee bigger projects as needed, traffic projects, and provide direction and feedback to Associate-level Designers. You will work closely with other team members including Designers and Brand Managers, and act as point-person for any questions, concerns, or suggestions from your assigned staff and from BMs on your assigned clients.  


You will manage your team, including training, developing, and motivating current Designers and new hires. This includes, but is not limited to, ongoing support, new hire training, and regular check-ins with assigned staff. You will also work with other senior design team members to provide development opportunities for our design team, such as planning workshops, initiating check-ins with individual designers who have areas of improvement, or working with other senior-level staff as needed for agency-wide training and development. 






  • Oversee assigned design accounts; Have a base-level understanding of each brand’s tone and look & feel to be able to give appropriate and accurate feedback

  • Trafficking and delegating projects for your assigned clients to Designers

    • Includes briefly reviewing CB to ensure all necessary information is there (tap BM as needed), assigning projects out to Designers based on current workflow and skillset, moving timelines as needed/permitted, providing general design direction, and giving feedback to Designers before going to BM/client

  • Design and/or oversee high-level creative, such as brand development, websites, campaigns, etc.

  • This can include either working on the project yourself (with additional support as needed), or overseeing the design process if the project falls in the wheelhouse of
    other Designers 

  • Includes managing internal design timelines and setting meetings, such as brainstorming and internal designer reviews 




  • Schedule monthly check-ins with assigned team members to see how the month has been, motivate and encourage staff, and/or talk about areas of improvement 

  • Understand each Designer’s strengths, areas of improvement, and future goals to be able to assign appropriate projects and provide training as needed




  • 4+ years of design experience, preferably at an agency

  • Proficient in Adobe CC, particularly InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator

  • Bonus: Proficiency in motion design (After Effects) and web design (Xd / Figma) 

  • Strong organizational and leadership experience

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Well versed in a wide variety of design mediums ranging from print, packaging, digital, etc.

  • Basic Knowledge of HTML / CSS

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