As the Sr. Data Engineer you will be the first person on the team focused on data engineering. You will work with a small team of data scientists, machine learning experts, bioinformatic scientists and software engineers to build a modern, state of the art environment for constantly improving Adela's core ML algorithms. There is a great deal of greenfield engineering work to be done over the next few years and you will be leading the team as we design the data platform. You will be spending most days deep in Python, Spark and Delta Lake. The data platform needs to incorporate genomic sequencing data from large clinical trial, perform bioinformatics on that data, then prepare the data for training ML models. The data platform needs to incorporate data from wetlab, clinical data and real world data. The platform needs to be designed for change as we scale from sample volume.

Required Skills:


* Python

* Databricks

* Spark

* Delta Lake

* MLflow

* CWL/Nextflow

Education and Experiences:


Minimum 5 year's experience as a Data Engineer

* Build complex data pipelines in spark

* Write custom ETL functions

* Design data flows through our whole platform

* Work daily with cross functional teams to ensure

* Contribute to a growing code base of Python and R 

* Experience with Spark

* Experience choosing software libraries and platforms

* Experience working in Python What is nice to have

* Experience working in NGS or other genomic assay technologies

* Experience working in medical devices or other regulated industry

This position has been filled.