The junior engineer will have an immersive experience across software & hardware projects. Under the guidance of senior engineers, junior engineers will work in the design, implementation, & certification of company projects with an opportunity to apply his/her existing skills and abilities while also learning many new ones. Junior Engineers will have the unique opportunity to work on safety-critical aviation equipment across Avionica’s product portfolio, which includes data recorders, satellite communications equipment, & flight deck solutions. There are also opportunities available in the design & implementation of scalable cloud-based solutions for communications, data recovery, data manipulation, and customer-facing websites.


·       Recent graduate with a BS or MS in Engineering: Aerospace, Computer, Electrical, Electronic Systems, Electro-mechanical, Software, Systems, Computer Science

·       Familiarity with laboratory equipment including logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, voltage meters

·       Familiarity with digital circuit implementation using FPGAs and microprocessors.

·       Familiarity with Python, C, HDL, and/or Linux scripting

·       Familiarity with web development technology

·       Familiarity with C#, .NET, NodeJS, and Windows technology

·       Familiarity deploying and maintaining Azure solutions

·       Willingness to learn

·       Passionate about shaping the future of aviation technology

Key Objectives:

·       Develop reliable, effective, and efficient high-tech products

·       Define conclusive test procedures

·       Maintain a complex, large-scale engineering data repository correctly and reliably

·       Understand how to convert stakeholder requirements into new products & features

·       Work with inter-disciplinary teams across various functional groups to meet company objectives

·       Participate in projects from customer requirements trawling via innovative hard and software development, aircraft installation design, and aviation certification, all the way to on-wing install and test sessions on airfields

Hours per week: 40

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