About us

Unfinished works to strengthen our civic life in the digital age. 

We are building a new shared, public infrastructure for the web that generates much greater value for the people who use it. The web we envision incorporates data rights as a default, gives people the full power of their networks and the value they generate, promotes transparency and trust, and opens opportunity to effect positive social change at scale. The time has come to build a better web, one that works for people first. Visit projectliberty.io to learn more, go to unfinishedlabs.io to understand our story, or download our dsnp_whitepaper to explore the details.

As part of our mission, we seek a passionate Software Architect to join our world-class team.


  • Work with and collaborate directly with CTO on architectural solutions and to shape the architectural vision and roadmap for the organization

  • Advocate for and determine overall architectural principles, frameworks, and standards

  • Design, diagram, sequence, and document architectural solutions

  • Analyze business context and partner challenges to define the technical requirements for the solution, and recommend potential options, and help select the most optimal option for success

  • Understand the interactions and dependencies among components so as to assist the development of new components so that they consistently and effectively integrate with each other and foster reuse.

  • Some hands-on coding for prototyping and development will be necessary


  • Strong experience building scalable, secure, reliable, and observable systems

  • Experience with diagramming complex architectural problems

  • Experience as a highly collaborative team-player, interacting directly with all levels of engineering across multiple teams

  • Solid developer in a variety of languages

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to mentor and collaborate

Desired Skills:

  • Public Blockchain experience which may include writing Smart Contracts, setting up DAO’s etc.

  • Experience with both encryption (Symmetric and Public Key) and hashing

We are open to a wide range of experience levels, from someone with a long tenure in the field to someone with direct relevant experience with . We highly value the capacity to solve problems and experience in a technical leadership position. The ideal candidate will likely have 4+ years of experience including several years in a technical leadership position.

More About Us

With a network of partners in technology, academia, social impact and the arts, Unfinished is imagining the future of technology, culture, and our economy to create a thriving multiracial democracy.

Project Liberty seeks to accelerate the world’s transition to an open, inclusive data economy that puts citizens in control. At the core is a shift from centralized to decentralized—a future in which all people, not just the few, directly benefit from their participation and contribution. The success of this work, in fact, depends on many people and organizations actively working together to shape a better future.

The determined team behind the earliest stages of Project Liberty is working to pave the way for these many contributors by actively engaging diverse voices, and equipping them with the critical infrastructure they need to catalyze change. We have developed the technology to make a shared, community governed social network possible—now available to the public as open source code. We are designing developer tools and an incentive system to reward early adopters and their work, and to support migration to a healthier web economy. And we are bringing together networks of organizations that seek change—including the formation of an Institute with Georgetown University and Sciences Po focused on leveraging technology to drive the common good.

We believe having diversity of perspective, professional backgrounds, identity groups and lived experience is a strength for teams and we actively encourage candidates of all backgrounds to apply. Unfinished is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, genetics, disability, age, and familial, caregiver, or veteran status.