About us:

Unfinished is an enterprise working to strengthen our civic life in the digital age. Founded to take action to restore our deteriorating social fabric, Unfinished focuses on three challenges: redirect technology, especially social media, to fuel collaboration over division; renew and strengthen civic institutions to accelerate inclusive problem-solving; and grow a more fair economy.

As an enterprise that integrates social impact with financial results, Unfinished’s portfolio includes a technology lab, a media initiative, an applied research institute, and an entrepreneurial network of innovators working to advance our economy, democracy and technology.

Unfinished Labs:

We build technology to drive new models that unite social impact with economic sustainability. Machines and code alone do not give us answers. Technology can nurture or fracture. Divide or unite. To create new models that better serve society, our code must reflect an understanding of how we, people, build relationships, collaborate, and transact. This is why we work to integrate public policy, social science, and social impact communities into technology development, at its genesis. New models begin by questioning everything. Together, we challenge status quo, from funding models to who must be involved in the most early stages of development. Even the decision about what work we take on is in response to the discomforting and urgent questions of our time.  Our vision is large, yet we have only just begun. Founded in 2020, we are rapidly growing the Unfinished Labs team.

As we are in the early stages, we are looking to hire several self-motivated, talented individuals to help drive and execute on our mission. You should be purposeful, quality-driven, curious, determined, collaborative and fun. If you’re a team player, have a startup mindset, and love to manage multiple priorities in a fast-paced environment, then we’d love to talk to you!

We are in need of a Lead DevOps Engineer who will be responsible for our production cloud environment and the management of our Ops team. 


  • Partnering with engineering to architect, build, and monitor highly available, performant systems. 

  • Ownership over the monitoring and alerting infrastructure. 

  • Ensuring the production environment and all user data are kept secure using best practices, tools, and patching strategies

  • Management of data replication, backup, restore, scaling, and redundancy. 


  • You have demonstrable experience managing production in multiple AWS environments. 

  • You’ve built IaC with tools like Terraform or Ansible.

  • You’ve developed experience managing Linux/Unix/Ubuntu systems 

  • You’ve developed experience with and an understanding of designing solutions and best practices for CI/CD (Jenkins/Circle/CI/etc). 

  • You’ve setup and managed monitoring and alerting systems ( (such as Prometheus/ELK/Grafana/Cactus/etc).

  • In addition if you have experience with Azure, Docker & Kubernetes, and supporting microservices environments it will offer added value for our environment. 

    Success Attributes:

    • You are an entrepreneurial leader who has a sincere passion for DevOps, and as such takes an simultaneously innovative and methodical approach to your work. 
    • You are comfortable with ambiguity, likely developed through experiences within start-up environments, and enjoy and embrace new evolving challenges as your prior companies have grown. 
    • You are capable of executing a high volume of daily production while always thinking about scale, and developing short term fixes that align with long-term solutions and needs. 
    • You have developed and continue to maintain strong scripting skills, philosophically viewing it as critical to your ability to lead others. 
    • In addition, you love automation and always seek out opportunities to maximize the efficiency of working rhythms and systems. 

    At Unfinished:

    • We strive to always take the high road
    • We take the long view
    • We are builders
    • We believe in the power of collective genius above lone heroes
    • We value the possibilities opened through questions
    • We are us

    More About Us:

    At Unfinished we aspire to move the traditional paradigm for solving problems from a top-down, disconnected approach to a more democratized, stakeholder-driven model. Our network convenes a community of diverse innovators from the worlds of impact, academia (such as Georgetown University), arts and culture (such as The Shed), nonprofits (such as the Ford Foundation and Aspen Institute), and the private sector to ensure diverse and thoughtful voices are connected to solve problems.

    We want to put people at the decision-making table who are most impacted by the problems we are solving. We are doing this in several ways, including convening a group of impact organizations for collective action and movement building, and supporting the renewal of existing civic institutions—and the creation of new ones—to accelerate more inclusive problem-solving. We believe that by redirecting technology to work for the common good, we can leverage it as an essential tool to scale positive change. We work to build concrete tools and models to advance ethical models for information technology.

    One of our first efforts will be to change the way technology is built--and our first focus is to change the model that drives social networks. Social networks inform how we experience almost everything. We can't strengthen civic institutions, foster a more sustainable democracy, or create a fairer economy if we don't first change the model that drives social networks.  We see social networks as a public good that should be owned by everyone and a key lever for strengthening our civic architecture.  We are working to decentralize social networks, shift control of data and networks from private companies to citizens, lay the foundation for a new world which generates economic value for people rather than extracting economic value from users.  This moves social networks from closed, proprietary spaces to open, publicly owned infrastructure on which anyone can build.  This more ethical model offers the opportunity for change at scale across all dimensions of society.  

    The projects we take on at Unfinished Labs are chosen for their potential to drive sustainable social impact. Ultimately, our work is focused on developing and enabling new models that scale change. It’s bold, but rising to this challenge and its responsibility inspires us. Our team is connected by our drive for transparency, economic inclusion, trust, and societal benefit, which we believe is imperative to a better future for all.  

    We believe having diversity of perspective, professional backgrounds, identity groups and lived experience is a strength for teams and we actively encourage candidates of all backgrounds to apply. Unfinished is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, genetics, disability, age, and familial, caregiver, or veteran status.