Calviri is a biotechnology company focused on ending deaths from cancer. We have developed the technologies that may make this possible both for humans and their dogs (

Our mission is to provide a broad spectrum of fundamentally different stage 1 cancer diagnostics and cancer vaccines that either treat or prevent disease. Calviri is focused on using frameshift neoantigens derived from errors in RNA processing to provide these transformative products.

We are looking for an Outstanding Surface Chemistry Scientist. Calviri has pioneered the in situ synthesis of large libraries of peptides on silicon wafers. We have applied Intel-like photolithography approaches to peptide synthesis to manufacture microarrays with peptide sequence complexities of up to 2 million. This peptide chip technology is at the core of our ability to diagnose cancer early and generate vaccines to treat and even prevent cancer. We continue to develop unique array formats and content for numerous new applications. We are an ambitious company looking for similarly ambitious scientists to join us.  

In this position, overarching responsibilities will include the design, development and application of materials with tailored structures and properties to microelectronic, MEMS and photolithographic devices. Calviri’s peptide microchip technologies are central to our novel vaccines and diagnostics. Surface Chemists familiar with semiconductor tools, microarrays and/or organic synthesis will be favored. A successful candidate will have demonstrated proficiency in customizing chemistries to meet specialized needs in thin surface engineering on silica wafers.

Strong consideration will be given to candidates with a proven record of having functioned both as team lead, as well as within teams, that drove projects to completion within timelines. Calviri anticipates a candidate being required to engage in a variety of roles to meet these expectations.

Job responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement new surface structures and chemistries on silica wafers, and transfer these protocols to the microarray manufacturing team
  • Develop and implement new analytic technologies including FTIR, TOF-SIMS, XPS spectroscopy to guide and monitor improvements in microelectronic array production
  • Play a critical role in the development of new technologies related to in situ wafer-synthesis of peptides based on photolithography
  • Deliver results through the application of chemistry and physics skills, systematic problem-solving and validation of performance in collaboration with all stakeholders.

Qualifications (knowledge and skills required):

  • Minimally 8 years post graduate experience in industry positions related to surface chemistry or relate fields, such as interface or thin film science
  • Experience in a  range of processing and integrated materials systems with a focus on integrated thin film materials and characterization of their properties
  • Expertise in surface engineering and analytic characterizations, thin film precursor and film deposition process design and development
  • Strong knowledge of the tools and both chemical and physical methods used in surface chemistry analytics
  • Highly proficient with FTIR analysis
  • Demonstrated application of sound Chemistry principles and technical problem-solving skills
  • Strong troubleshooting, teamwork, collaboration and communication skills


  • Ph.D. in Chemistry or related disciplines including surface chemistry, physics, analytic chemistry, organic chemistry, thin film chemistry or peptide chemistry
  • Experience in industry or biotech

The company is located at two sites in Arizona’s Greater Phoenix Metroplex: Tempe and Phoenix’s Wexford Science and Technology research labs (

Compensation, benefits and options are competitive with those in the Metroplex.

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