Calviri is an early-stage healthcare company building exceptional immuno-oncology and photolithography research teams. We are seeking highly motivated scientists to join the company’s forward-thinking efforts in developing both diagnostic and vaccine products against cancer.

Our mission is to provide a broad spectrum of fundamentally different diagnostics and vaccines that either treat or prevent cancer. Calviri is focused on using frameshift neoantigens derived from errors in RNA synthesis and downstream processing by tumor cells to provide these pioneering products. The company is currently engaged in the largest dog clinical trial conducted ever, to evaluate the efficacy of a vaccine to prevent dog cancers ( ).

Key to Calviri’s mission will be engineering innovative platforms for applying our unique microchip technologies to new cancer diagnostics and vaccine products. In this position, overarching responsibilities will be the design, building and execution of improved microchip immunoassay systems. These activities are the basis of our product pipeline that will enable cancer deaths to end. Candidates with demonstrated knowledge of robotics, 3-D design software, instrumentation and fluidics will be favored. A successful candidate will show attention to detail, good time management, and excellent communication skills.

Job responsibilities:

  • Responsibilities will include but not be limited to:
  • The design and fabrication of new synthesis formats for the company’s peptide microchips
  • The design and fabrication of new devices and workflow systems to assay the peptide microchips for antibody binding activity
  • The design of tools to measure system improvements
  • Continually create, evaluate and integrate manufacturing and assay workflow advancements


  • At least 3 years research experience in relevant fields, in academic or industry settings post-graduation
  • Strong background in mechanical, biomedical and/or systems engineering
  • Experience using design and modeling software such as SOLIDWORKS and/or other design software
  • Experience with robotic devices and instrumentation design
  • The ability to assume new concepts and integrate new approaches with minimal assistance


  • B.S. degree in engineering or related fields
  • M.S. degree or higher in engineering or related fields

Our company is located at two sites in the Greater Phoenix Metroplex: Tempe and Phoenix, AZ. Salary is highly competitive.

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