Job Title: Community Education and Engagement Specialist

Supervisor: Gracehaven Director of Community Engagement and Training

Goal: To further the education of the community in DMST and engage the Gracehaven network more effectively

Key Objectives

  • Responsible to assist in managing and executing prevention education grants and training in the community
  • Responsible for awareness event coordination and attendance in coordination with Engagement Director
  • Responsible for volunteer management and engagement strategy
  • Responsible for community collaboration
  • Responsible to track and report training and prevention education data in collaboration with the Engagement Director

Specific Duties

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

Assist in Managing Prevention Education Grants and Training in Community

  • Process and submit timely grant reports
  • Execute on grant education campaigns in community
  • Review and understand all grant requirements related to education goals
  • Schedule and plan education events in accordance with grant requirements
  • Maintain accurate records, attendance, and numbers for grant needs
  • Distribute pre and post tests to determine change in knowledge and attitudes

Collaborate with County Agencies, Community Partners, Schools and Local Law Enforcement to Educate Central Ohio in DMST

  • Receive and recruit new training opportunities
  • Individualize trainings for different people groups as needed
  • Responsible to provide trainings in DMST and trauma informed care
  • Assist in public speaking and trainings to social service providers and youth on DMST
  • Identify more areas where DMST education is needed

Assist in Coordinating and Attending Awareness Events

  • Coordinate the right sized attendance of awareness events in the community in conjunction with case management, COYFC/Gracehaven Development, clinical services, and the campus director
  • Attend community events in support of the Gracehaven mission - both awareness and community collaboration events

Promote, Organize, and Manage Initial Volunteer Contacts and Donated Materials

  • Manage the email distribution list for all volunteers
  • Ensure they appropriately get a welcome and are forwarded to COYFC Leadership Development for screening
  • Once screened, ensure they are appropriately introduced to the area of Gracehaven where they will be volunteering
  • Maintain list of volunteer opportunity needs - what we can be executing on with volunteers
  • Maintain volunteer list and continually communicate new volunteer opportunities
  • Develop volunteer engagement and training strategy for how to best engage on DMST awareness and empowerment in the community

On-Campus Presence

  • Have an on-campus presence with the youth in a way that allows you to build rapport
  • Work with your supervisor to make this schedule 

Participate in All Gracehaven Events, Staff Meetings and Bi-Weekly Supervision

  • Assist in all Gracehaven fundraising events
  • Participate in all Gracehaven events
  • Participate in Gracehaven and COYFC quarterly all-staff trainings
  • Attend bi-weekly supervision
  • Help facilitate STS tours

Spiritual Responsibilities

Because COYFC, its affiliates and subsidiaries, are a part of the same faith-based organization and share a faith mission and set of values, we require all employees to consistently apply and live according to the religious mission and theological beliefs. In your role, you are asked to:

  • Articulate and uphold COYFC religious beliefs and practices at work and outside of work. Each employee serves to represent the religious message and mission of COYFC (as outlined in the Statement of Faith and Mission) to the broader community
  • Be ready and willing to lead and contribute to distinctly Christian activities
  • Be ready to speak of the reason for your faith when asked in public
  • Participate in and lead regular times of prayer, devotion and Bible teaching as a regular aspect of your role within YFC
  • Seek God's guidance and wisdom, through prayer and meditation, for the organization as a whole as well as for specific ministry initiatives
  • Regularly pray for and share spiritual content with existing and prospective donors to COYFC
  • Regularly encourage and teach existing and prospective volunteer leaders through the Holy Bible