JOB TITLE:  Residential Coordinator
Supervisor: Gracehaven Program Director
Supervises: House Managers,  OnSite Volunteers, Onsite Nurse

Key Partnerships and Peer Team Members:  Clinical Director, Director - Facilities, Director of Community Engagement & Training, Westwood (school), Gracehaven Program Director, WellSpring Counseling, NewPath

GOAL:  To maximize the mental, emotional and social well-being of survivors participating in Gracehaven residential programming by building and managing a high quality team of house leaders and resident assistants and providing a best practice group home experience for survivors.


  • Manage strategic partnerships with other service providers, agencies and court systems serving minor trafficking survivors to maintain a good working relationship and to recruit youth into Gracehaven Group Home
  • Ensure a safe, clean, welcoming environment in well run homes for each youth. 
  • Leadership, Management and Accountability for all Gracehaven residential team
  • Work with Clinical Director to ensure strong collaboration with case management and therapy, and implement individual service plans for you
  • Work with Compliance and Contracts coordinator to ensure compliance with regulatory bodies
  • Work with Program Director to manage costs of residential program to budget
  • Participate in the Gracehaven Management Team
  • Participate in the On-Call support team
  • Actively embrace spiritual commitments and responsibilities

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:
Manage Group Home Strategic Partnerships
·         Seek out partnerships with placement agencies and counties as well as partnership contacts for placement of referrals into the group homes of Gracehaven
·         Recruit new youth by consistently communicating bed openings and other available services to serve trafficked youth with partner agencies through those contacts
·         Cultivate and maintain good working relationship with the school and teachers that serves our youth.
·         Cultivate and maintain good working relationships local police, fire department, and with hospitals and doctors who serve the medical needs of our youth
·         Cultivate and maintain good working relationships with county case managers, probation officers and other workers serving our youth
·         Monitor strategic partners’ experiences and perceptions of Gracehaven’s work with youth they engage and address deficiencies should they arise
·         Attend trafficking related community collaborations and events on a frequent basis; collaborating with Clinical Director and Management team on attendance and impact
·         Ensure Children’s Services Provider meetings are being attended regularly per our contracts – in coordination with the Contracts and Compliance Associate
·         Ensure all legal, ethical, regulatory and contractual requirements for youth in residence are met or exceeded
Ensure Welcoming and Well Run Group Homes
·         Ensure team members ensure each home is clean in common areas, bedrooms and bathrooms
·         Work with Director of Facilities to maintain each home and the overall grounds according to all safety standards
·         Ensure all furniture safe, functional and comfortable and that all appliances are operational
·         Ensure incoming youth have access to a reasonable selection for bedding, comforters, floor rugs, pillows and other items to allow them to customize their bedroom to their style
·         Work with House Managers and RA’s to ensure meal plans are created
·         Encourage youth participate in cooking, cleaning and other ongoing activities of maintaining the house routines
·         Ensure programmatic activities are maintained and created by staff on a regular basis for all homes on campus
·         Help facilitate volunteer House Mom’s and Tutors to create additional relational support for youth
Group Home Team Leadership, Management, & Administration
·         Ensure all group home rules – for staff and youth – are clearly understood, posted, and followed.  Ensure communication among all team members is transparent and edifying.
·         Ensure all delegated responsibilities of this team are achieved with excellence and continuous improvement
·         Work with Director, Community Engagement & Training to ensure all team members are fully trained and able to fulfill all compliance requirements
·         Ensure all paid staff are supervised at a minimum of twice monthly with performance metrics reviewed for each role monthly
·         Ensure all volunteer staff are met with monthly by the supervisor of their role for feedback and support
·         Ensure an annual review/update of job descriptions for all leadership (paid or volunteer) roles in compliance with organizational template
·         Ensure upcoming fiscal year performance goals are set on May 1 for each role and for the team as a whole
·         Ensure all required data is collected and roll up reports updated monthly
·         Inform multi-disciplinary team (Clinical, House, and Management) on whether to remove child from placement.
·         Lead multi-disciplinary team (Clinical, House, and Management) on whether to take youth as a referral.
Ensure Support for Clinical Team Work
·         Maintain a good working relationship with the Clinical Director as well as Case Managers and Clinicians working with youth in the Group Home
·         Ensure a high quality intake process that fully completes all documentation, notifications and plans to serve each youth
·         Ensure a supportive environment for Case Managers and Clinicians to remove youth from ongoing activities as needed to accomplish their work
·         Ensure proactive participation of RA’s and/or House Managers in service team meetings, clinical staffing meetings, court hearings, ISP meetings, or others as needed; Ensure individual ISPs and discharge plans are being activated for each youth.
·         Ensure best practices are used in maintaining required documentation for treatment plans, ISP’s etc.
·         Work directly with Clinical Director on implementation of therapy groups to ensure they are in line with appropriate levels of certification and treatment plans.
Ensure compliance with all oversight regulatory bodies and laws
·         Maintain a working relationship with the Compliance and Contracts Coordinator to ensure all regulatory standards are met and documented on campus.  These include, but are not limited to:
o   CARF
o   QRTP
Budgetary Responsibility
·         Participate in the annual budget process as required
·         Ensure each House Manager maintain costs within budget for participant costs, expenses and manpower costs
·         Ensure facility level expenses and administrative costs are maintained within budget
·         Review financial reports monthly and address gaps
·         Work with the COYFC Development Team as required for donor tours and other fundraising events and activities
Management Team Duties
·         Participate in Management Team meetings and discussions as moved by the HS to provide wisdom and insight on items under discussion or decisions being made.
·         Prepare for and participate in twice annual planning retreats as required
·         Identify ways to improve the organization and submit those suggestions into the management team planning cycles
·         Support overall vision and mission of Gracehaven and COYFC, and intentionally develop an ethos of 1 COR 13 cooperation, collaboration, and effectiveness between Gracehaven and other COYFC entities
On Call Responsibilities
·         Be back-up on-call for a minimum of one week per month.
Spiritual Responsibilities:
·         Because Gracehaven is a community of like-minded individuals who share a common faith and set of values, we require the individual filling this role to fully embrace our statement of faith and code of conduct. 
·         Participate in staff prayer meetings and be able to contribute as appropriate
·         Pray for the youth under our care on a consistent basis
·         Be able to winsomely represent the beliefs and values of our faith community to prospective organizational partners, families or youth who inquire
·         Ensure faith activities remain voluntary for youth in our care and that youth who do not wish to participate remain invited but not pressured by staff or volunteers


  • 3-5 years of demonstrated team leadership experience
  • Minimum of Bachelor's degree in social work or clinical counseling/psychology
  • CPR, Mental Health First Aid certified (will be trained)
  • LSW or LPC licensure desired. Demonstrated work experience with at-risk youth can replace this requirement
  • Demonstrated work experience in one of the following: group home, trauma related field, ministry related field, or at-risk youth related field
  • Agreement with the Central Ohio Youth for Christ Standards of Conduct and Statement of Faith

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