JOB TITLE:  Gracehaven Residential Assistant- Weekend
Supervisor: Gracehaven House Manager
GOAL:  To provide excellent trauma-informed care directly to girls who are placed at Gracehaven group home

       Responsible to provide trauma-informed, strength-based care
     Responsible to provide a safe and stable environment
     Responsible to communicate and maintain good working relationships with the youth, co-workers
     Responsible to implement and enforce Gracehaven rules, policies and procedures
     Responsible to meet ODJFS requirements
     Responsible to be a good team-player
     Responsible to fulfill COYFC and Gracehaven spiritual responsibilities

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

Provide Trauma-Informed, Strengths-Based Care
        Responsible to Build a Trauma-informed, Trust-based relationship with Residents
        Use of trauma-informed principles
        Help Secure a Stable Environment for Resident to Grow
        Use de-escalation techniques and principles of Aegis in relating to residents
        Use Strengths-Based language
        Be relationally intentional

Provide a Safe and Secure Environment
     Be the safe adult in charge
     Be able to control the environment in the house
     Be diligent about safety when in the community
     Responsible to come to work on time 
     Provide fun and energy on your shifts

Responsible to Communicate and Keep Good Working Relationships with the Youth and Co-Workers

       Responsible to work towards reconciliation when in conflict or struggle with a personality type of a resident
       Responsible to lead by example with kind words, good attitude and resolving conflict
       Responsible to address conflict with co-workers or supervisor
       Avoid divisive behaviors and language, be willing to extend grace and be purposeful in team building
       Receive constructive feedback
       Be self-aware of compassion fatigue/vicarious trauma and be willing to fight against it
       Understand you are there as a safe adult and RA, not to be-friend the residents

Responsible to Implement Gracehaven Rules, Policies and Procedures

       Memorize the house rules listed in the house and insist them
       Be diligent in consistency
       Maintain boundaries
       Responsible to follow Gracehaven policies
       Be teachable
       Follow the ODJFS rules for the group home
       Take youth in the home on planned outings and field trips
Be a Great Team Player
       View this as a part of your ministry and not a “job”
       Be willing to help cover shifts
       Be diligent in working your assigned shifts
       Participate in Gracehaven & COYFC quarterly all-staff trainings.
       Attend trauma informed trainings and all staff meetings
        Give adequate notice when needing to terminate your position at Gracehaven (ideally, 4-6 weeks)
       Meet bi-weekly with your supervisor
       Have integrity
       Required to work open/vacant shifts on a rotating basis as needed  (usually means a 3rd shift)
       Required to be an on-call RA to cover shifts on a rotation 

Spiritual Responsibilities

  • Because Gracehaven, a subsidiary affiliate of Central Ohio Youth for Christ, is a community of like-minded individuals who share a common faith and set of values, we require the individual filling this role to fully embrace our Statement of Faith and Code of Conduct. 
  • Participate in staff prayer meetings and be able to contribute as appropriate
  • Pray for, and be able to winsomely represent the beliefs and values of our faith community the residents who may inquire about them