JOB TITLE:  Gracehaven Residential Assistant- 3rd Shift

SUPERVISOR: Gracehaven House Manager
GOAL:  To provide excellent trauma-informed care directly to girls who are placed at Gracehaven group home


·         Responsible to provide Trauma-Informed, strength-based care
·         Responsible to provide a safe and stable environment
·         Responsible to communicate and maintain good working relationships with the youth, co-workers
·         Responsible to implement and enforce Gracehaven rules, policies and procedures
·         Responsible to meet ODJFS requirements
·         Responsible to be a good team-player
·         Responsible to stay awake during entire shift and also perform QA/QI tasks as assigned
·         Responsible to actively embrace spiritual responsibilities  

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:
Provide Trauma-Informed, Strengths-Based Care
  • Responsible to build a trauma-informed, trust-based relationship with residents
  • Use of trauma-informed principles
  • Use of trauma-informed principles
  • Help secure a stable environment for residents to grow
  • Be relationally intentional
  • Use strengths-based language
    • Use de-escalation techniques and principles of Aegis in relating to residents

      Provide a Safe and Secure Environment  

      • Be able to control the environment in the house
      • Be diligent about residents' safety when in the community
      • Responsible to come to work on time
      • Be the safe adult in charge

              Responsible to Establish and Maintain Healthy Working Relationships with the Youth and Co-Workers

                    • Responsible to work towards reconciliation when in conflict or struggle with a personality type of a residents
                    • Understand you are there as a safe adult and RA, not to be-friend the residents
                    • Be self-aware of compassion fatigue/vicarious trauma and be willing to fight against it
                    • Receive constructive feedback
                    • Avoid divisive behaviors and language, be willing to extend grace and be purposeful in team building
                    • Responsible to address conflict with co-workers or supervisor
                    • Responsible to lead by example with kind words, good attitude and resolving conflict

                        Responsible to Implement Gracehaven Rules, Policies and Procedures  

                        • Be diligent in consistency
                        • Maintain boundaries when interacting with residents
                        • Responsible to follow Gracehaven policies
                        • Be teachable
                        • Follow the ODJFS rules for the group home
                        • Memorize the house rules listed and implement them
                        Be a Good Team Player 
                        • View this as a ministry and not simply a “job”
                        • Be willing to help cover shifts as needed
                        • Be diligent in working your assigned shifts
                        • Participate in Gracehaven & COYFC quarterly all-staff trainings.
                        • Attend trauma-informed trainings and all staff meetings
                        • Give adequate notice when needing to terminate your position at Gracehaven (4-6 weeks)
                        • Meet bi-weekly with your supervisor for coaching and support
                        • Exhibit and maintain character integrity as a Gracehaven staff member 
                        • Required to work open/vacant shifts on a rotating basis as needed  (usually means a 3rd shift)
                        • Required to be an on-call RA to cover shifts on a rotation

                        Spiritual Responsibilities

                        • Because Gracehaven, a subsidiary affiliate of Central Ohio Youth for Christ, is a community of like-minded individuals who share a common faith and set of values, we require the individual filling this role to fully embrace our Statement of Faith and Code of Conduct. 
                        • Participate in staff prayer meetings and be able to contribute as appropriate
                        • Pray for, and be able to winsomely represent the beliefs and values of our faith community the residents who may inquire about them