JOB TITLE: Gracehaven Community Case Manager – Full-time

GOAL: To provide trauma-informed case management services to survivors of child sexual exploitation and trafficking.

• Responsible to Provide Trauma-Informed, Strengths-based Case Management
• Responsible to Provide Prevention, Intervention and Psychoeducation Curriculum
• Responsible to Communicate and Maintain Good Working Relationships with Youth, Guardians and Agencies working with Youth.
• Responsible to Keep Accurate and Up to date Records and Data
• Responsible to Provide Optional Faith-Based Opportunities for Clients based on their initiation
• Responsible to Participate in Staff and Supervisory Meetings, Events and Fundraisers

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

Provide Trauma-Informed, Strengths-Based Case Management
● Responsible to Build a Trauma-informed, Trust-based relationship with Client
● Link clients to services based on client goals and needs
● Work in partnership with client service teams to provide high-level of care
● Administer ongoing Stability Assessment to address areas of concern
● Develop Individualized Service Plan to meet client needs
● Use a Holistic Approach in serving Clients’ needs.

Provide Prevention and Intervention Education
● Responsible to Provide Trainings in DMST and Trauma Informed care
● Provide psychoeducation material to assist clients in the areas of growth
● Assist in Public Speaking and trainings to social service providers and youth on DMST
● Deliver DMST and other Evidence-based Material with client and other community members

Keep Accurate and Up to date Records and Data
● Ensure client records, case notes and program documentation are up to date and according to Gracehaven standards and compliant with HIPAA standards.
● Responsible to Create and Implement Treatment Plans and Discharge Summaries
● Receive and Review referrals for new clients
● Report mileage logs and reimbursements for accountability and good stewardship
● Make sure all data reports are accurate, up to date and timely.
● Use all data reporting systems appropriately. – including, but not limited to, Cognito Forms, Google, VST, PROI Calculator and others.
● Report monthly data in accordance with grant requirements and Gracehaven Data requirements
Participate in Staff and Supervisory Meetings, Events and Fundraisers
● Participate in Gracehaven & COYFC quarterly all-staff trainings.
● Attend Trauma informed Trainings and all Staff Meetings
● Assist in all Gracehaven fundraising events
● Meet in person at minimum bi-weekly for supervision via Zoom (web video meeting technology) and/or conference call. Likely weekly meetings.
● Attend other supervisory meetings as directed.

Coalitions and Partnerships
• Attend anti-sex trafficking collaborative meetings for your area (Example includes the LCHTC or Collaborative Against Human Trafficking).
• Build relationships with other like-minded coalition members that may aid in the health and well-being of the Client.
• Identify potential mentor matches with other agencies

Provide Optional Faith-Based Opportunities for Clients
● Offer tangible resources and unwavering support for client, regardless of the client’s religious beliefs or lack thereof
● If client initiates interest in faith-based activities or discussions, ensure they have access to relevant faith-based resources in a non-judgmental, non-invasive manner

  • Education:
  • Associates of Social Work or equivalent
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Experience: Minimum of two (2) years of work with at-risk youth desired
  • Age: 21 years of age or older
  • Clean background check
  • Agreement with the Central Ohio Youth for Christ and Gracehaven Standards of Conduct and Statement of Faith