CodeHunter by AffirmLogic is seeking a senior thought leader in cybersecurity, with expertise in reverse engineering malware, and familiarity with today's tools and operational needs.  The candidate must be able to envision novel solutions to the assurance problems of today and look forward to what will be needed in the future.


As a Senior Malware Analyst/ Reverse Engineer, you will be rebuilding and repurposing malware, based on real world samples.  We are seeing a team-oriented candidate, with excellent communication and writing skills. You will work cross-functionally with UI, Core Developers, and DevOps engineering teams, and have frequent opportunity to get feedback directly from people working on prototypes of the latest and most complex security threats to help identify key features and common behavior patterns.



·         Identify vulnerabilities in software and hardware

·         Analyze and reverse engineer software and hardware systems

·         Recognize common behavior patterns that are primarily found in malware

·         Develop custom software which create effects needed by customers

·         Refine pre-existing code to meet new parameters required to accomplish customer need

·         Provide capability demonstrations

·         Create documents to communicate findings and ideas clearly (documentation and slides)

·         Support software development efforts


Required Education, Experience, and Skills

·         BS In cyber security-related field or 6 or more years of demonstrated software development experience in cybersecurity

·         Desired but not required certification: Senior level Malware Reverse engineering (GIAC GREM)

·         Knowledge of tools used for malware analysis such as debuggers and disassemblers

·         Expertise within C/x86/x64 assembly

·         Familiarity with kernel architecture

·         Familiarity with linkers and loaders

·         Ability to learn and work in new languages as necessary

·         Eagerness to learn new things, help with research/ concept exploration of new technologies

·         Skilled in reversing binaries of various types including: x86, x64, C, C, .NET, and Delphi

·         Ability to analyze shellcode; packed and obfuscated code and associated algorithms

·         Good understanding of Windows Operating System Internals and Windows APIs

·         Comprehensive understanding of common attacker methodologies and exploit techniques

·         Awareness of behavioral based threat models like Cyber Kill Chain, Diamond Model 

·         Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively as part of a team

·         Excellent written and verbal communication skills

·         Static analysis (IDApro, Ghidra, Radare2, etc.)

·         Dynamic analysis (WinDBG, GDB, etc.)

·         Network analysis (Wireshark, etc.)

·         Cyber threat intelligence experience is a plus