BX Start Program Manager Job Description

DreamYard is currently accepting applications for a full-time Program Manager. We are looking for passionate, experienced individuals with a strong interest and skills in social justice, interactive and digital design and entrepreneurship for a unique opportunity to build programs out of our dedicated community center, BX Start, in the Bronx.

About DreamYard

DreamYard is an arts and social justice organization that provides nationally recognized, transformative arts education to Bronx youth and young adults, and supports them as they work toward higher learning, creative-filled careers, and social action. BX Start, a DreamYard site, seeks to provide a space where the power of video games and digital media can be used to promote economic opportunity, community building, and forward the cause of social justice for residents of the Bronx. 

Since 1994, DreamYard has invested deeply in the Bronx, developing learning pathways for young people in K-12th grade and collaborating with NYC schools, the NYC Dept of Education, public officials, community groups, corporations, and foundations. Together with BX Start, DreamYard is dedicated to working with Bronx youth, families, and schools to build pathways toward equity and opportunity through the arts.

Anti-racism Commitment

At DreamYard, we commit to being an anti-racist organization. We lead with race because we operate in a country founded on the genocide of Indigenous people, the enslavement of African people, and the oppression of countless others. We acknowledge the role this history plays in perpetuating inequity and dominant white culture.  See below for DreamYard’s full anti-racist commitment.

The Position

This is a full-time position with occasional evening and weekend hours required based on the programming calendar. The Program Manager role  is unique in that they will serve as the liaison between The Dreamyard Art Center and the BX Start location as well as the main point of contact for programs happening out of BX Start. 


  • Education: A bachelor's, master's degree or equivalent experience in a related field such as arts administration, non-profit management, education, or social work is typically required.

  • Experience: 3-5 years of experience in program management, project management, or related field is preferred. Experience in the arts and social justice sector is a plus.

  • Organizational skills: Strong organizational skills and attention to detail are essential for managing the many moving parts of a program.

  • Communication and Collaborative skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills, as well as strong interpersonal skills, are required to effectively communicate with staff, volunteers, participants, partners, and funders. The ability to effectively collaborate, cultivate buy-in, and manage laterally while building productive relationships with DreamYard team members is essential to this role. 

  • Financial management: Knowledge of financial management and budgeting, including the ability to prepare and manage budgets, track expenses, and make informed financial decisions.

  • Passion for the mission: A deep commitment to the mission and values of the organization, as well as a passion for arts and social justice.

  • Adaptability and problem-solving skills: The ability to think creatively, adapt to change, and solve problems in a fast-paced environment.

  • Cultural competence: A strong understanding of and sensitivity to cultural differences, including the ability to work effectively with a diverse group of people.

  • Technical skills: Proficiency with Microsoft Office and experience with project management software is desirable.


Program Design and Implementation: 

  • Develop and implement digital design and entrepreneurship programs that align with BX Start's mission and goals, managing the calendar of events and coordinating with staff, stakeholders, and the Bronx Gaming Network to ensure their success.

  • Recruit program participants and evaluate program success, making adjustments as necessary to foster a positive and inclusive environment.

  • Identify areas for growth and expansion, staying up-to-date with industry trends and developments related to digital design and entrepreneurship.

Staff Supervision: 

  • Oversee and manage a team of program staff/volunteers and teaching artists, including hiring, training, and evaluating their performance.

  • Provide clear direction and expectations to team members, monitoring their progress towards program goals and providing ongoing coaching and feedback.

  • Conduct regular performance evaluations and address any performance issues that arise, ensuring that team members are properly trained and have the necessary resources to succeed.

  • Promote a positive and inclusive team culture, fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment.

Partner and Stakeholder Engagement:

  • Develop and maintain relationships with partners and stakeholders in the community, including schools, community organizations, government agencies, and foundations.

  • Identify new partnership opportunities and engage with stakeholders to support the mission and goals of BX Start.

  • Facilitate meetings and events to promote collaboration and build partnerships, representing the organization at community meetings and events to promote the mission and programs.

  • Ensure that partnerships and collaborations are aligned with the organization's mission and goals and that partners are engaged and invested in the success of BX Start.

Budget and Resource Management:

  • Prepare and manage budgets for each program and ensure that resources are allocated effectively to achieve program goals.

  • Track expenses and make informed financial decisions to ensure the program's long-term sustainability.

  • Identify areas for cost savings and efficiencies to maximize resources and minimize waste.

  • Ensure that financial reports and documentation are accurate and complete.

Evaluation and Assessment: 

  • Develop and implement evaluation plans to monitor program outcomes and impact.

  • Conduct regular evaluations and use data and feedback to continuously improve program quality.

  • Work closely with DreamYard's Evaluation and Learning team to develop evaluation plans and collect data to inform program planning and decision-making.

  • Ensure that program evaluations and assessments are aligned with the organization's mission and goals and that program outcomes are measurable and meaningful.


  • Prepare regular reports and presentations for internal and external stakeholders, including funders, partners, and the board of directors.

  • Ensure that reports are accurate and complete, providing clear information about program outcomes, impact, and financial performance.

  • Collaborate with the Development team to prepare grant applications and reports.

  • Ensure that all reporting is aligned with the organization's mission and goals and that stakeholders are informed and engaged in the success of BX Start.

Employment Benefits and Equal Opportunity Statement

DreamYard offers competitive salaries, an excellent benefits package, and generous paid time

off; salary for this position is commensurate with experience and with similar positions

Citywide.  DreamYard is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to the principles of arts education,

educational reform and social justice, and fashions its programs to specifically address the

needs of urban communities that are typically underrepresented because of race, sex, ethnicity,

and socioeconomic status. Accordingly, we welcome and encourage applications from a diverse

range of individuals. 

Bronx based and Spanish-speaking applicants are strongly encouraged to

apply. DreamYard Project, Inc. employs without regard to race, sex, sexual orientation, religion,

national origin, age, disability, or any other attribute not related to superior performance.

COVID19 Protocol:

Please note that proof of vaccinations will be required as an aspect  of DreamYard’s COVID 19 health and safety protocols. 

We are intentionally building a path toward racial equity by:

  • Challenging oppression and its intersections

  • Using art and education as a platform to offer a hopeful vision of the future

  • Identifying and uplifting the power and cultural assets that exist within our community of educators, artists, dreamers, young people and life-long learners

  • Encouraging the principles of justice, unity, equity, creativity, and joy

  • Transforming policies, procedures, practices, and programs (for example: striving for transparency and equity in pay and compensation structures regardless of race, culture, gender, ethnicity, creed, etc)

  • Understanding our staff, community members and partners are at different levels on the anti-racist continuum and embracing that we all have a place in this work


Job duties and requirements are ever changing based on the demands of the client, industry

and company. This job description is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of

activities, duties or responsibilities, but is an overall picture of job requirements, that is subject to

modification at the company’s discretion.

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