Reach Institute for School Leadership (Reach University) is seeking a qualified and experienced candidate for an Admissions & Student Services Associate (SSA) in the Graduate Institute, from May 2021 through September 2021. 

Position Summary 

This Temp to Hire SSA is a full time contract position working closely with and reporting to the Dean of the Reach Graduate Institute, as well as working in collaboration with the Graduate Institute operations director. This individual will provide a variety of student services and administrative support, including but not limited to fielding applicant, candidate, employer and alumni inquiries, providing program support for faculty members and additional administrative support to support the technology and information systems for both candidates and program faculty. 

This Temp to Hire SSA has these primary core responsibilities:

  • Supporting the admissions and enrollment process
  • Supporting graduating candidates
  • Responding to candidate and employer inquiries
  • Making candidate credential recommendations
  • Support with tuition and fee collection
  • Support with accreditation-related annual reports & data reports
  • Data systems input
  • Supporting virtual events
  • Office management responsibilities 
  • Technology support for faculty and teaching credential candidates

Core Responsibility 1: Program and Candidate Support 

  • Work closely with the designated Program Director to support program systems. 
  • Work with the Dean of Graduate Studies to support the recruitment, admissions, and enrollment process for all incoming Reach participants for designated program(s). 
  • Provide ongoing support for maintaining the student records for Reach participants in the designated program(s), and adequate disposal of records (see Student Record Retention and Disposal Policy).
  • Provide ongoing support to candidates in the designated program(s) as it relates to progress reporting, tuition and billing, credential services, and other student services as needed. 
  • Assist with data collection to support the annual assessment and evaluation cycle, including but not limited to accreditation and state reporting requirements. 
  • Support the ongoing refinements of accessible text and teaching materials for graduate program participants (, EBSCO, Library World). 
  • Communicate and support candidates in the completion of state-level assessment requirements. 
  • Working knowledge of the program, including entrance requirements, program design, program requirements. 
  • Answer queries from new / returning participants. 
  • Provide off site support as needed, including driving to sites and delivery of materials. 

Core Responsibility 2: Administrative Support 

  • Work closely with the Dean of Graduate Institute to develop, maintain, and align organization and program systems. 
  • Provide presentation and document support including basic research, graphics, printing and editing/proofreading. 
  • Coordinate all aspects of office management for the Intern program: maintaining program specific calendar, digital filing system, and answering program specific phone calls and emails. 
  • Assume other administrative duties and projects as needed. 



  • Familiarity with California teacher credentialing requirements
  • Thorough knowledge and experience effectively engaging with a diverse student population.
  • Outstanding oral (including public speaking) and written communication skills
  • Ability to interpret and communicate University policies and procedures to prospective students and the public
  • Ability to quickly learn and/or has thorough and comprehensive knowledge of academic programs, including curricula, admissions requirements, and financial aid programs
  • Ability to establish and maintain cooperative relationships with schools, universities, community organizations, and other institutions
  • Ability to develop recruitment programs
  • Demonstrated analytical skills and the ability to make and support admissions recommendations
  • Familiarity with technology platforms such as Google Workspace and Canvas.


  • Experience providing credential recommendations, or authorization by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) to recommend credentials (prior authorization from the CCTC a plus)
  • Knowledge of Canvas and learning management systems
  • Local to Oakland, CA office

About Reach 

Founded in 2004, Reach Institute for School Leadership (Reach University) is an accredited institution of higher education with credential and undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Reach includes four primary programs: 

1. An Intern Teacher Credential Program for teachers earning their preliminary credentials through an alternative credentialing pathway; 

2. A Teacher Induction Program for teachers earning their clear credentials (with a Master’s in Teaching option); 

3. An Instructional Leadership Academy providing intensive training for emerging instructional leaders, leading to administrative credentials and a Master’s in Educational Leadership; and 

4. An undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree for school staff and employees. 

Reach was designed to meet the needs of educators learning complex skills while on-the-job and in challenging environments. Toward this end, Reach has developed the following six integrated and overlapping strategies: 

  • Personalized Professional Development: Each candidate develops and implements an Individualized Learning Plan with the help of peers, experienced leaders, and coaches. The plan is regularly referenced, reflected on, and updated based on evidence of the candidate’s progress. 
  • Job Embedded Coaching: While learning about individual school contexts, experienced coaches support the development of candidates’ practice through questioning, instruction, collaboration, observation, and feedback. Coaching occurs cyclically as a process of building awareness, taking action, analyzing results, and changing attitudes. 
  • Integration of Knowledge and Practice: Reach candidates are supported to apply knowledge gained from research to continually develop skills while immediately impacting and improving their classroom, program, or organization in pursuit of equitable student outcomes. Course instruction is designed utilizing best practices in professional development and adult education. 
  • Inquiry Mindset: The relevant and applied curriculum of Reach courses engages candidates in repeated cycles of inquiry. These cycles take a variety of forms, all of which contribute to the development of an action-research orientation that assists candidates in not only analyzing practice but in making and implementing evidence-based decisions to improve practice. 
  • Reflective Communities of Practice: In order to build classroom and instructional leaders who are committed to and support one another’s growth, candidates meet in cohorts and small inquiry groups and develop the habits of mind to look deeply at their own and each other's practice, offering feedback and inquiries to help one another identify the obstacles and avenues to great work. 
  • Evidence Based Evaluation: Reach utilizes multiple summative, formative, quantitative, and qualitative measures of student learning, student engagement, teacher practice, leader practice, and school effectiveness as tools for continuous analysis and improvement. 

Reach has worked closely with over 70 schools, districts and agencies in the Bay Area. To date, over 650 teaching and administrative credentials have been earned through Reach programs.

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