The Reach Institute for School Leadership (Reach) is a non-profit graduate school of education, founded in 2004 with credential programs beginning in 2007. Reach was designed to meet the needs of educators learning complex skills while on-the-job and in challenging environments. Reach Institute for School Leadership will become Reach University, an institution of higher education, in Fall 2020 and expand its post-secondary education and training program offerings.

The BA in Global Education, launching in Fall 2020, is a program of study designed to support the future educator. The degree course of study blends foundational coursework in child and adolescent development with an array of general education courses focused on math, science, humanities, and English. Courses build upon each other and create a scaffolded learning experience that blends theory and practice. As a “developmental” undergraduate program, we believe all students have the ability to become high-impact educators and successful students with the appropriate support and focus on skill and competency building. 

A core part of the BA degree is the placement and apprenticeship experience. Students are required to work with children in an educational setting from the beginning of their time in the program until graduation. These practical work experiences allow for breadth of learning, deep learning and professional development.   Students are able to develop a contextual understanding of the teaching and learning process as they apply the skills gained during their course of study in a classroom setting.

Courses use distance education, synchronous and asynchronous engagements, to allow for dynamic and reflective interactions among students and faculty. The Oxford Tutorial method is also employed to support students to make micro and macro-level connections between real-life issues and course material.  Students are challenged to go beyond rote memorization and are encouraged to think critically about themselves, their community and the world.

Job Description

An Instructor is responsible for teaching and facilitating their assigned course. Current openings are in 4 subject areas: Development, Education, and Pedagogy; Biology/Life Sciences—Human Evolution; English—Writing and Composition; History. Specifically, the duties are:

  • Facilitate synchronous course meetings 
  • Provide timely feedback and support on all assigned student work commensurate with Reach’s educational mission as a “developmental” college.
  • Participate in bi-monthly faculty learning communities where instructors teaching sections of the same course come together with faculty to address content, facilitation, student learning outcomes and assessment.
  • Utilize Reach’s online learning management system and other digital technology as appropriate for teaching and program assessment purposes.
  • Participate in other school program assessment and evaluation (as needed)



The BA Degree in Global Education is a completely distance education program that blends asynchronous and synchronous components. To that end, candidates considered for the role of Instructor must be motivated self-starters who are open-minded and committed to innovation in higher education and able to engage with students in an online learning environment. Additionally, they must be willing to engage in critical analysis of all components of the teaching and learning process. Candidates must also:


  • Possess a Master’s degree or above
  • Have previous experience in developing and facilitating college courses in a virtual, online environment.
  • Have previous experience working with diverse student body populations (e.g., English language learners, students with special needs, students of color, adult students) in diverse settings (e.g., rural or urban schools, out of school programs).
  • Demonstrated currency in field of study/subject matter
  • Excellent oral, written and digital communication skills
  • Commitment to social justice and educational equity
  • Previous experience working with student body populations with special needs backgrounds (desired)
  • Previous classroom teaching experience in early childhood through 12th grade (desired)

Position Details

  • Status: Part-time temporary and/or independent contractor Spring 2021
  • Location: Remote (must have appropriate technology capabilities for remote instruction and an ability to work across U.S. time zones)
  • Compensation: $1300/unit. Spring 2021 classes range between 1.5-3 units.
  • Positions available: 12 across 4 subject areas-[4] Development, Education, and Pedagogy (DEP); [1] Biology/Life Sciences—Human Evolution; [4] English—Writing and Composition; [3] History

Application Instructions

  • Please submit your application no later than November 13, 2020. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until positions are filled.
  • Candidates should indicate the subject specialty for which they are applying by indicating 'Expert' in that subject area expertise in the Skills Self-Assessment section of the application
  • Candidates from historically marginalized and/or underrepresented backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply
  • Candidates must be available for a 45-minute video interview between November 2-November 20, 2020
  • Candidates must provide their official transcripts before an offer can be made