As the Director of Program Management, you will successfully lead, with other Directors of Programs, all project functions at Goddard and provide positive outcomes for our clients. You will be working with the President, Vice Presidents and other Directors of Goddard to establish short and long-term goals, plans and strategies for project teams and your own direct reports.

You will be held accountable to be able to conduct yourself in the manners listed below and refine any needed skills to efficiently cover all responsibilities.  You are expected to:

General expectations:

  • Be a motivating, positive, and success-oriented leader.
  • Be empathetic towards others, whether it is project or personally related subjects.
  • Be a person who is familiar with the latest developments and methodologies in your field. Continue to grow your capabilities within all realms of your career.
  • Admit weakness in areas you need help in no matter what situation you are faced with. Goddard prides themselves on helping each other and getting the right people, support, or tools in place to make a successful result.
  • Take every care, regard, action, and ability to keep all privileged information not yet known to other individuals, companies, public, or other entity private and confidential in all regards.
  • Travel as needed. A valid driver’s license and passport are required. Clients may be located locally, nationally, or internationally.
  • Know and comply with Goddard’s QMS system.
  • Work with Human Resources and Accounting Departments for processes and procedures for day-to-day activity.

Engineering Manager:

  • Have a strong knowledge of the implementation of all relevant & usability related standards and guidance documents (such as ISO 13485, etc.)
  • Responsible for the vetting and selection of all new employees who will be working as a possible direct report.
    Responsible for the vetting of consultants and contractors when necessary.
  • Re-enforce to your team the importance of being a great engineering resource and a good person. This is a winning combination to assure successful projects and continued business.
  • Develop and maintain a network of industry professionals in the engineering and management field that you can call on from time to time to assist in decision making and advice.
  • Responsible for annual performance reviews for employees working as a direct report.
  • Work with team members to estimate resource requirements, monitor progress, and balance and reallocate resources as needed.
  • Work with team members and other managers to resolve conflicts among resources and between client and engineering teams.
  • Remain apprised of the progress of certain projects, paying attention to any developing problems, and participate in minor and major problem resolutions.
  • General forecasting and employee utilization will be done on a weekly basis.
  • This helps advise how you and the company should focus on growth and planning.
  • Mentor other Goddard team members as needed. Professionally and personally.
  • Monitor, approve or disapprove of PTO requests in accordance with the Company Policy.
  • Strive for the right balance between strategic planning and tactical execution.
  • Identify and encourage team member training.
  • Advise, research, and recommend processes or software applications that will benefit the company and its team members by way of efficiency.
  • Be aware of team issues: personnel, projects, computer, phone, etc. Have a way to prioritize and plan to address each to a resolution.
  • Billable work is expected due to the nature of our business. We will plan the best we can to help team members out when loading is too much.


Project Managing:

  • Depending on the role being performed per project, Communicate to Project Mangers, other Directors of Program Management, or the executive team of any significant deviations of ongoing efforts.
  • Able to create Budgets, Gantts, and task tracking methods. Understand the need to measure effort remaining vs time and money remaining.
  • Perform or delegate tasks to work towards a company or project goal.
  • Able to co-ordinate and motivate a team.
  • Communicate clearly and concisely with your team and client throughout a project or programs to set expectations on project deliverables and high-risk areas. Manage and facilitate client interactions with strong, clear communication as it relates to deliverables, design reviews, deadlines, etc.
  • Create and collect weekly project status updates as required.
  • Negotiate when necessary, in the best interest of the company.
  • Deliver exceptional products and services. On-time and On-budget.


Project Advisory Council (PAC) Responsibilities:

  • Whether it is a Fixed based project, Strict T&M, or Scoped T&M, you'll need to believe in the importance of getting quotes out in a timely fashion. Having no quotes going out means no work coming in.
  • Business Development (BD) will contact you or another Director of Program Management when a request for a quote or support service is asked of them.
  • Assess the client's nature and scope and assemble a PAC (if needed) to accomplish. The majority of the time, you will be involved in all PACs.
    • If you are booked with other responsibilities, other Goddard team members can be pulled into PAC duties depending on their respective availabilities.
  • You will work with BD to produce timely well-thought-out Quote Packages which will consist of:
    • Collected client documentation and information.
    • Goddard derived Requirements Documentation
    • Design Brief: Assist in quote writing by describing effort required for necessary task to deliver on client requirements.
    • Design Budget
    • Proposed Project Schedule
  • Set a standard methodology for quoting. The Quote Package needs to be a consistent, repeated effort. When reading through the package, it should have a typical breakdown and information. This will require discipline and follow through to have it be a habit in generating this package.
  • Business Development will work with the quote package to develop a Goddard quote and have it back to you for review before sending it to a prospective client.
  • Work with BD and Clients to answer questions and clarify confusion areas where possible.
  • Regularly attend industry networking events and trade shows.
  • Go over customer satisfaction survey.
  • Assist with marketing efforts when needed.


Oversight of Project and Program Management of the company:

  • Once Goddard Wins a project based on the Quote Package. The client supplies BD with a client approved project. BD will provide this information to you and other Directors of Program Management. Work with the information given to you on setting up a project team and the tools to track them.
    • Sales will provide you with a PO, email approval, or Sign Quote on a won project. Have a clear understanding of what type of project is in hand: Strict T&M, Scoped T&M, or Fix Fee.
    • Assign a Project Lead and assemble a project team (if needed) and explain to them the Quote Package (see above.)
    • Work with the assigned project lead and accounting on setting up our tools to reflect on how $$(hours) should be allocated to tasks. This is to assist in tracking the project.
    • Set up the visual schedule program. Showing delivery dates of phases and resources needed.
    • Assist with resource management.
    • Have the Project Lead utilize the Project Adder Template to track scope creep. Help the Project Lead recognize scope creep.
  • Send out and follow up on the weekly reminder to all project leads to provide their weekly project updates.
  • Request from the project leads to update their respective project schedule and understand deliverables vs dates vs resources vs budget remaining.
  • Request an update on the Project Adder sheet.
  • Follow up with Project lead to assure weekly updates are being provided to the client. Discussing project schedule, budget, and bringing up any changes.
  • Be flexible on weekly reports. A project lead may be extremely busy and may not be able to report. Keep an eye on how long they are this busy and see if they need assistance.

Please note: Applicants must be authorized to work for ANY employer in the U.S. We are unable to sponsor or take over sponsorship of any employment Visa at this time.

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