About Goddard: Founded in 1997, Goddard is a dynamic, full-service product development and engineering firm specializing in the design and development of medical technology, life science and industrial products. Drawing from the collective expertise of its experienced designers and engineers, Goddard’s mission is to deliver outstanding solutions that positively impact lives.

The Employee Experience Manager will serve as the advocate for all of Goddard’s employees, discovering and implementing practices that maximize employee retention, engagement, and efficiency. It requires expertise in creating a work environment in which people will choose to be motivated, contributing, and happy. Some important aspects of employee advocacy include consistency in the treatment of employees, handling daily employee issues, effective employee communication, counseling, training, maintaining employee relationships, complaint solving processes, employee conduct and workplace behavior and etiquette. Working with Goddard’s President, CEO, HR, and Management teams, this role will be responsible for refining Goddard’s employee experience from interview to departure.

Administrative Duties & Reporting:

  • Maintain active spreadsheets on company initiatives for reporting purposes
  • Regularly gather data from employees regarding projects, team structures and dynamics, clients, etc.
  • Create, manage, organize, and refine Goddard’s Personal Qualifications (PQ) sheets

Culture Building:

  • Study the current health of the organizational culture and determine what steps need to be taken to ensure its continued health
  • Manage Goddard’s DEI efforts, including establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure effectiveness
  • Advocate for minority groups and represent their interests among leadership as the business scales
  • Initiate and coordinate employee engagement/relations projects including, but not limited to, employee appreciation and years of service
  • Create a rewards program that is directed at employees’ key motivators
  • Establish regular cadence for internal communication between management and staff
  • Mine and empower staff for best ideas to boost engagement and retention
  • Create, refine, and publish monthly internal newsletter

Employee Relations:

  • Monitor employee concerns, identifies employment trends, and communicates and recommends solutions to leadership to enhance the employee experience at Goddard
  • Remain aware of internal challenges and issues between clients and staff as they arise, aiming to collect data, inform necessary parties, and resolve the problem
  • Regularly assess organizational effectiveness as it relates to team structures
  • Optimize tools used by employees to scale teams more effectively
  • Assess efficacy of how Goddard employees are working (remote, hybrid, in-person, etc.)
  • Understand and lead strategic hiring related to business goals
  • Refine on-boarding and exit procedures to improve data capture and analysis
  • Learn as much as possible about capabilities and goals of every staff member
  • Identify talent gaps, drawing from team and client requests
  • Identify or create staff internal career goals that align with business objectives. Create path to achieving those goals and implement professional development plans for all employees
  • Advocate on behalf of the staff to leadership
  • Support conflict resolution efforts among staff
  • Lead and regularly review succession planning for key organizational roles
  • Have discussions with managers and management on ensuring equitable compensation across the organization
  • Learn, refine, and participate in performance management processes (annual reviews)
  • Travel between Beverly and San Diego offices when needed


  • Determine employee skills’ gaps and select what training is required to close the gaps
  • Identify, organize, and manage internal, external or virtual opportunities for training and employee development (including but not limited to soft skills, QMS, position-specific learning, etc.)
  • Obtain and manage workforce training grants/funding through local, state and federal agencies
  • Track and report employee training

About You:

  • 5+ years’ experience in Human Resources or related background
  • Expert communicator, creative thinker, and team player
  • Informed and up to date on everything from local laws to cultural changes
  • Use evidence-based HR practices to make decisions based on data and evidence and applying this approach in your work
  • A strategic practitioner

COVID-19 Consideration: We require all employees to be fully vaccinated in order to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our employees, families, customers, and visitors.

Please note: Presently, Goddard does not sponsor employment visas.

Goddard believes that everyone is entitled to fair opportunities and equal employment rights. We comply with all applicable laws prohibiting discrimination in hiring and the terms and conditions of employment including, but not limited to, compensation, promotion, discipline, or termination. Goddard is firm on its policy to provide equal employment opportunity for all employees and applicants on the basis of qualification and merit and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, veteran status, public assistance status, membership or activity in a local commission, or any other legally protected status in accordance with applicable local, state, and federal laws.