About Us

Uhnder is the industry’s only supplier of digital imaging radar chips and modules. Uhnder’s radar-on-chip and sensor modules are based on Digital Code Modulation, enabling highest-resolution and highest-contrast digital perception for ADAS, AVs, and logistics automation systems. Our digital imaging radar chip and sensor modules perceive objects that cameras, lidar, traditional analog radar, and the human eye can easily miss due to either poor ambient conditions or performance limitations.

Our Technology

Uhnder has developed the world’s first automotive digital Radar on Chip (RoC).  Sensors based on Uhnder’s Digitally Coded Modulation (DCM) technology achieve new and unprecedented levels of performance for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving solutions.  Founded in 2015, its main engineering operations center is in Austin, Texas, USA with design facilities in India and China. 

Requirements for VLSI

  • Strong knowledge in Digital Logic Design and in HDL based design
  • Strong in C/C++ Programming
  • Good knowledge in Digital circuits, Digital Signal Processing, Computer Architecture

Research area

  • Design and Verification of High performance Digital Signal Processing modules for autonomous driving applications.

 Requirements for SW

  • B.E/B.Tech degree in EE/CS, 2023 passing out only
  • Strong in C/C++, Python, csh/bash scripting
  • Detail-oriented, methodical and good at documentation
  • Experience delivering results in a dynamic collaborative environment

Research area

  • Design and Verification of High-performance software for autonomous driving applications.
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