Uhnder has developed the world’s first automotive digital Radar on Chip (RoC).  Sensors based on Uhnder’s Digitally Coded Modulation (DCM) technology achieve new and unprecedented levels of performance for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving solutions.  Founded in 2015, its main engineering operations center is in Austin, Texas, USA with design facilities in India and China.

As an SOC Clock System Engineer you will join a team of industry experts spanning mixed-signal, RF, digital, systems and software experts to develop the next generation of electronics surrounding us and impacting us in our everyday lives.  You will focus on all aspects of clocking related challenges. This will start with the strategies for generation of the required clocks and then span the many aspects of distributing the clocks while optimizing the timing impacts and power/area consumption.  The strategies developed will need to work effectively with the RF system requirements, the need to integrate multiple technologies together in a single product and the need to support aggressive operational power management features.


Essential Functions

·         Specification of the overall clock distribution network architectures for the RoC products

·         Specification, evaluation and integration of clock generation IP

·         Evaluation of clock distribution strategies for each implementation technology

·         Development of efficient clock tree synthesis flows aligned with the clock architecture goals

·         Development of clock gating and frequency ramping solutions to minimize power consumption while also addressing the potential for power supply noise events.

·         Development/verification of the clock-related UPF/CPF power intent specifications

·         Specification and implementation of test mode clocking strategies

·         Development of strategies for clocks and timing related to external interfaces.



Required Education and Experience:

·         BS in Electrical Engineering, MS preferred

·         5 or more years of relevant industry experience

·         Experience with synthesis flows

·         Knowledge of clock and reset domain crossing methodologies

·         Understanding of the timing challenges related to external interfaces.

·         Experience with low-power design and validation techniques

·         Good communication skills

·         Fluent in English

·         Automotive experience a plus

·         Experience with ISO 26262 a plus

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