Uhnder has developed the world’s first automotive digital Radar on Chip (RoC).  Sensors based on Uhnder’s Digitally Coded Modulation (DCM) technology achieve new and unprecedented levels of performance for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving solutions.  Founded in 2015, its main engineering operations center is in Austin, Texas, USA with design facilities in India and China.


As an Electronics Technician, you will join a team of industry experts spanning mixed-signal, RF, digital, systems, and software experts to develop the next generation of electronics surrounding us and impacting us in our everyday lives.

Essential Functions 

 The ideal candidate should have experience with:

  • Circuit board manufacturing and assembly process. 
  • Identifying electronic components and properly orient them into a circuit board according to polarity. 
  • Performing fine pitch soldering
  • Performing wire modifications
  • Following written instructions
  • Interpreting assembly drawings
  • Storing/managing parts/tool/components and clean work environment for Engineers and Technicians.
  • Supporting teams to drive activities
  • Taking initiative and work independently
  • Working with Engineering to take and compile data on various test setups
  • Able to debug test setups to first order and identify failure
  • Able to reduce data into reports using Xcel, etc.


 Required Experience 

  • 3-5+ Years in Semiconductor or Electronics lab
  • Associates Electronics Technician degree required
  • Expert assembly/soldering techniques
  • Expert circuit board assembly
  • Experience with schematics
  • Experience with interpreting Assembly drawings
  • Experience taking measurements using oscilloscopes
  • Experience in writing simple test scripts in C++/Python/SQL

*relocation not offered