Uhnder has developed the world’s first automotive digital Radar on Chip (RoC).  Sensors based on Uhnder’s Digitally Coded Modulation (DCM) technology achieve new and unprecedented levels of performance for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving solutions.  Founded in 2015, its main engineering operations center is in Austin, Texas, USA with design facilities in India and China. 

As an Applications Engineering Lead, you will join a team of industry experts spanning mixed-signal, RF, digital, systems and software experts to develop the next generation of electronics surrounding us and impacting us in our everyday lives. 


Essential Functions 

  • Develop and deliver software demos for radar perception processing (e.g. tracking, classification and fusion of multi-sensor data)
  • Develop prototype software for advanced radar management (e.g. calibration, interference mitigation)
  • Assist in the specifications for radar sensors, in collaboration with system-and application teams.
  • Work closely with field applications, sales, systems and engineering groups to align customer requirements and use-cases to internal demo and development activities
  • Work with field engineering teams to develop proof-of concepts, assist in pre-sales activity, conduct field trials and perform offline data analysis 
  • Specify, design and manage the creation of data collection, storage and curation for radar development
  • Develop product and marketing collateral (e.g. user-manuals, white papers, presentations, blogs, etc.)
  • Collaborate with partners on various demos, technology evaluations
  • Drive application activity and planning for conferences, webinars, and website 
  • Support evaluation of sensors prior to production with test and data analysis
  • Track industry trends, innovations and identify new related opportunities 


Required Education and Experience: 

  • MS in EE with 5+ years of relevant experience; PhD preferred 
  • Evidence of delivering high-quality demos, proof of concepts, collateral creation, and collaboration with field and engineering teams
  • Knowledge of and experience with automotive radar sensors
  • Experience in automotive ADAS and/or autonomous applications
  • Knowledge of perception algorithms, including tracking, environmental modeling, and machine learning 
  • Experience in real-time, embedded, performance-critical, applications (e.g. communications)
  • Experience in Agile development delivering results in a dynamic collaborative environment