Software Engineer

At Query.AI, we are always looking for exceptional software engineering talent for our USA or India locations.

About Query.AI

Query.AI provides the market's only security investigations control plane for modern enterprises. Our patented browser-based platform delivers real-time access and centralized insights to data across your on-premises, multi-cloud, and SaaS applications, without duplicating it from its native locations.

Query.AI gives you access to all your data, where and when you need it, providing a simple and effective way to meet your security investigation and response goals while simultaneously reducing costs.

Life in Query.AI Engineering

• Learn, share, make friends and have fun along in our unique early-stage startup journey.

• Design and develop our multi-tenant SAAS service and our platform proxy containers.

• Develop apps and drivers for key industry platforms, core cloud providers, popular SAAS applications and common open-source stacks.

• Develop and improve upon our REST APIs and external platforms’ APIs.

• Develop our patented browser-based decentralized-data access and analysis application logic.

• Develop our unified and very visual user-interface to enterprise data.

• Automated user interactions with our platform and external platforms.

• Interact, analyze, troubleshoot and collaborate with customers over their data and related use-cases.

Experience Requirements

• Must have Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral degree in Computer Science or related majors

• Must have 3+ years of relevant professional software engineering experience

• Must be a self-starter with passion to learn, innovate, and shine

• Experience in design and implementation of web architecture is a plus

• Experience with cloud technology stacks like AWS, Azure, GCP is a plus

• Experience with CI/CD technology is a plus

• Experience with open source stacks such as PostgreSQL, Elastic, Kafka, Hadoop, Spark, MongoDB etc. is a plus

• Experience with Linux/Unix containers, shell and system programming is a plus

• Experience with Python programming or Typescript/Angular application development is a plus