Who is SupportPay? 

SupportPay is a start-up company that focuses on making the divorce process of child support easier.  We are the first financial management & payment platform that enables parents to manage child support, alimony and share additional child expenses, directly with each other.  We also streamline the complex, time-consuming, stressful process that impacts nearly 55 million parents in the US. With SupportPay, children get the financial support they deserve, from both their parents.    

Who we’re looking for. 

We are seeking out an associate that is highly enthusiastic, & empathetic, individual to join our team of Customer Support Agents, in a full-time capacity.  You need to be a skilled learner that utilizes customer service tools like Zendesk & Jira when working with customer issues. You maintain a positive, empathetic, and professional attitude toward clients always. 

We consider our Customer Support Agents to be our front-line heroes.  They are the first point of contact that our customers have when they are having issues.   

This position is an excellent opportunity for future upward mobility within the company. 


Customer Support Agents are the first point of contact when clients are having issues.  

You will need to be willing to listen to our clients & ascertain what assistance is needed for them. Answer their question and concerns that are brought up. Knowing how to listen to our clients & navigate the conversation, is going to be one of the key aspects of our Agents. 

As a SupportPay Customer Support Agent, you will provide excellent customer service, which may involve the following: 

·         Technical product troubleshooting 

·         Account creation & editing 

·         Billing inquiries 

·         Account and/or product inquiries.   

Along with answering all customer questions with compassion, care, sensitivity, and accuracy and supporting what SupportPay stands for.   

Specific duties & qualifications for this role include:  

·         Respond to customer inquiries via email or live chat 

·         Accurately identify and resolve users’ issues using problem-solving skills 

·         Independently handle routine and more complex customer inquiries with a goal of timely resolution 

·         Work in close partnership with sales and other customer support agents, resolve issues and ensure customer satisfaction 

·         Assist clients with routine account-related requests such as: 

o    Log-in retrieval 

o    Password changes 

o    Feature requests 

o    Application updates 

o    Troubleshooting issues 

·         Research customer questions regarding: 

o    New products and features 

o    Technical issues 

o    Pending development updates 

·         Capable of working with multiple systems 

·         Must demonstrate dependability and initiative 

·         This individual will communicate effectively with clients to ensure accuracy and quality of customer account information 

·         The Customer Service Agent demonstrates the ability to effectively maneuver through multiple systems, utilize available department tools/information, and request assistance as needed 

·         Ability to work from home in a designated office space 

·         Available to work 40 hours per week, might include nights and weekends 

·         Fluent in English 

·         Excellent written interpersonal and communication skills 

·         Can smoothly manage multiple tasks such as conversing with the customer and navigating multiple computer programs 

·         Concise and articulate verbal and written communication 

·         Positive attitude, strong work ethic, and excellent attention to detail 

·         Working knowledge of Windows-based software, including Office 365, MS Office, Zendesk, along with Jira, & Confluence 

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