We are looking for a talented Growth Marketing Manager (or Growth Hacker) to drive customer growth at SupportPay. Your main duties include creating campaigns, running experiments across the funnel, improving conversion rates, and working cross-department to collaborate on new initiatives.

If you’re interested in using systematic ways to test experiments and can generate innovative ideas to increase revenue, we would like to meet you. 

Ultimately, you should be able to find new and innovative ways to increase revenue and meet revenue goals.

The Person

You are a problem solver who lives and breathes data and analysis with a dash of creativity. You are a talented, creative and resourceful marketing professional who sees challenges as opportunities that can deliver solutions. You question traditional way of thinking to find ways to grow revenue. You focus on strategy execution to collect data and make informed decisions. You strive in environments where you can make mistakes and learn from them, constantly improving your results in order to deliver what is best for customers and the company. 


  • Initially focus on the middle to bottom of the funnel, developing and testing strategies to move customers from visitor on our website to paying user
  • Constantly analyzing the funnel, identifying leaks and execute strategies to fix those leaks to increase conversion rates and meet revenue goals
  • Create, manage and experiment with user conversion campaigns – from interested person on our website to registered user, to paid user and ultimate a happy, loyal customer
  • Conceive and execute on a wide range of personalized and targeted content campaigns to drive conversions – focusing on unique messages and campaigns for different segments of the market
  • Analyze & report data to monitor user conversions, revenue, retention & churn. Recommend and develop improvements to improve metrics.


  • Outstanding analytical skills with a dash of creativity
  • Experience in software / SaaS user growth
  • Experience with converting users via multiple channels including email, SMS & In-App conversions
  • Solid project management skills: ability to lead and collaborate with cross-functional partners, prioritize high-impact activities, and keep complex projects moving forward.
  • Strong growth track record, with samples and results of past campaigns
  • Outstanding written and copywriting skills to engage audiences with captivating content
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, Google Analytics, WordPress, Google Tag Manager, Email Marketing Automation, A/B testing, Market Segmentation
  • Solid data and analytics experience – expert in tracking & measuring results and analyzing data for informed decisions
  • 5+ years experience in growth marketing