You are a talented, creative, and resourceful marketing professional who strives for perfection and delivering results to the organization. You strive in environments where you can make mistakes and learn from them, constantly improving your results in order to deliver what is best for customers and the company. You have a deep understanding of customer research, A/B testing, messaging, positioning, email marketing, search marketing, and social media marketing. You can create content and figure out creative ways to meet goals with a minimal budget. You operate best without a lot of guidance while consistently seeking feedback to improve your results. You have a desire to make complex technologies easy and a continued focus on delivering creative ways to capture customer attention and adoption. You understand and respect the marketing funnel – and strive to fill the leaks in the funnel to deliver the ultimate conversion rates. You want to get leads in the funnel and move them to loyal customers as efficiently as possible while creating a loyal customer following.  

Technical Knowledge 


You are on top of marketing technologies and know-how to optimize the technology to maximize customer acquisition. Knowledge of Salesforce, active campaign, google analytics, google ads, Facebook ads, email marketing, social media, WordPress & referral marketing.