JOB TITLE: Skills Center Program Coordinator

Supervisor: Franklinton Ministry Coordinator

Supervises: Volunteer Ministry Leaders

GOAL: To advance the mission and vision of Equip Skills Center by growing and overseeing the training program, its volunteer team and organizational partners.


  • Recruit Students for all Skills Center Programs
  • Recruit and Retain Community Partners for the Programs
  • Recruit and Develop Funding Partner Relationships
  • Recruit, Manage and Retain Volunteers to Serve Youth
  • Maintain all Administrative Tasks for the Program
  • Fulfill Spiritual Leadership Responsibilities


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

Student Recruitment:

  • Recruit students for Basic Class attendance to achieve annual goals
  • Recruit Advanced Class attendance from previous Basic Class to achieve annual goals
  • Recruit and help facilitate interns for Equip Auto Sales
  • Work with supervisors to set annual goals for recruitment

Program Partner Recruitment and Retention:

  • Recruit and cultivate organizational partners to refer students
  • Recruit and cultivate organizational partners to hire youth
  • Recruit and cultivate organizational and individual partners to help with job readiness and training program components
  • Achieve annual goals with student placement with employers

Recruit Funding Partners

  • Identify potential funding partners through organizational partner efforts
  • Work with the development department to cultivate funding partners
  • Supply information, stats, reports or other feedback to funders as needed

Volunteer Leader Recruitment, Management and Retention

  • Recruit volunteer leaders for all aspects of programming from organized class roles to mentoring roles
  • Train and manage volunteer leaders consistent with COYFC volunteer management standards

Program Development and Administration

  • Ensure Basic Class, Advanced Class, and Internship Programs have high quality programming, materials and experiences that truly advance students
  • Ensure Mentoring Program components are well thought out and integrate with class and Internship components
  • Ensure monthly KPI tracking is up to date
  • Ensure website and printed materials are available and accurate
  • Ensure compliance with all COYFC policies and procedures relevant to the program are followed
  • Coordinate with a Leadership Oversight Team composed of both supervisor and other Equip staff as needed to maintain and grow the program, set annual goals and achieve KPIs

Spiritual Responsibilities

  • Because COYFC, its affiliates and subsidiaries, are part of the same faith-based organization, we share a faith infused mission and set of values. Therefore, we require all employees to embrace and consistently apply Biblical beliefs and practices at work and outside of work (as summarized in the Statement of Faith and Mission) and to represent the character of Christ to the broader community (as summarized in our "Living the Life of a Leader" Code of Conduct).
  • Be ready and willing to lead and contribute to distinctly Christian activities of the Skills Center including Bible Studies
  • Be available for spiritual conversations with youth or volunteers
  • Ensure that financial controls and policies are followed to protect the integrity of our team as representatives and ambassadors of Christ
  • Infuse prayer for God's guidance and wisdom into the volunteer team culture
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