JOB TITLE: Director of Finance

Supervisor: Executive Director

Supervises: Finance Staff

GOAL: To advance the mission and vision of COYFC by overseeing the day-to-day financial operations of COYFC, subsidiaries and affiliates and providing high quality reporting internally and externally as needed


  • Leadership, Management and Accountability (LMA) for all Finance Department staff and tasks
  • Manage all financial accounting including payroll, month end/year end closing and reporting and cash management
  • Provide internal reports to board and organization leaders as requested to support management
  • Manage organizational relationships with regard to banking, credit cards and loans
  • Manage the budgeting process for annual budgets and 5 year plan projections
  • Oversee annual audit process, cost reporting process and other financial compliance activities
  • Develop, maintain and refine internal financial controls
  • Provide strategy and vision to the COYFC leadership team


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

Finance Department Team LMA

  • Ensure all annual departmental responsibilities are achieved with excellence and continuous improvement
  • Ensure strategic plan objectives are achieved that relate to this department
  • Ensure each finance department staff has a current job description and training plan in compliance with organizational template
  • Ensure upcoming fiscal year performance goals are set and monitored
  • Ensure annual reviews are done for each staff person including progress against performance metrics and training goals
  • Develop and manage task teams to mobilize volunteers for specific events or tasks as needed
  • Keep departmental expenses under annual budgeted amount

Oversee FInance

  • Ensure the month-end and year-end close process are fully completed on time
  • Ensure Payables/Receivables are booked accurately and on a timely basis
  • Ensure payroll process and systems are well managed and accurate
  • Ensure annual systems review and modification for efficiency in day-to-day operations
  • Ensure efficient and integrated organizational chart of accounts and class systems for all companies

Manage Finance Related Organizational Relationships

  • Act as liaison between COYFC and banks/financial partners
  • Financial reporting to banks or lending institutions as required
  • Financial reporting to oversight organizations

Internal Reporting

  • Produce monthly financial reports for the Executive Director/Board of Directors
  • Oversee internal reporting to the Management Team
  • Annually review and recommend new reports to support organizational growth and effectiveness

Manage Budgeting Process

  • Manage annual budgeting process
  • Develop 5-year strategic plan budget forecasts
  • Review and monitor budget versus actual financial performance

Audit and Compliance

  • Coordinate and manage the audit process with external auditors for COYFC, affiliates and subsidiaries
  • Create an environment of continual improvement with the organizational auditors
  • Coordinate data gathering for tax return preparation for all entities that report separately
  • Investigate tax avoidance strategies for taxable entities
  • Ensure compliance with all laws, regulations, and financial requirements
  • Manage modification to policies and procedures for new accounting standards as needed
  • Monitor compliance with external financial targets and reporting requirements to financing partners and external monitoring organizations
  • Maintain communication with Executive Director and the Board of Directors regarding financial and compliance matters
  • Assist in systems to coordinate the donor tracking and accounting system for monitoring of restricted fund activity

Provide Strategy and Vision to the COYFC Leadership Team

  • Participate in Board Finance Committee meetings and provide reports and insight to that team
  • Help craft and maintain forecasting reports and financial projections for strategic and operational planning as needed
  • Identify and reflect trends observed through the finance and accounting work to the Executive Director and Management Team as observed or requested

Spiritual Responsibilities:

  • Because COYFC, its affiliates and subsidiaries, are part of the same faith-based organization, we share a faith infused mission and set of values. Therefore, we require all employees to embrace and consistently apply Biblical beliefs and practices at work and outside of work (as summarized in the Statement of Faith and Mission) and to represent the Character of Christ to the broader community (as summarized in our "Living the Life of a Leader" Code of Conduct)
  • Be ready and willing to lead and contribute to distinctly Christian activities as needed
  • Ensure that financial controls and policies protect the integrity of our team as representatives and ambassadors of Christ
  • Infuse prayer for God's guidance and wisdom into the culture of the Finance Department for the organization as a whole as well as for day-to-day work


  • Experience:  Minimum of 5 years of relevant experience. Specific experience supervising a department and/or accounting in a non-profit setting a plus
  • Education: BS in Finance or Accounting
  • Certifications: CPA preferred
  • Software Proficiency: Excel, Word, PowerPoint and QuickBooks 

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