Job Title: Compliance and Contracts Coordinator

Supervisor: Director, Operations 

Hours: 29 hours per week

Goal: To advance the mission of Central Ohio Youth for CHrist, Gracehaven, WellSpring Counseling, and affiliated companies by ensuring that key contracts and MOUs are reviewed to ensure they are consistent with organizational policy, goals and capacities; executed appropriate and in a timely manner; areas of compliance are tracked and are accomplished with excellence, and by providing guidance for internal organizational policy, procedure and communications.

Key Objectives:

  • Ensure contracts are reviewed for consistency with organizational policy, goals and capacities; organized and executed in a timely fashion, and systemized for scalability
  • Document and work with all areas of team to ensure compliance with governmental standards for policy and procedure, grant requirements, contract requirements and COYFC standards and best practices
  • Ensure well-organized systems exists and is used for storage and retrieval of compliance documents, contracts and MOUs
  • Manage and distribute external records requests such as subpoenas and medical records requests
  • Work with Facilities to ensure safety and compliance with all regulations, as well as all new building and contracts are compliant
  • Take on additional projects as necessary
  • Actively embrace spiritual commitments and responsibilities 

Specific Duties

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

Contract Organization and Execution

  • Work with Gracehaven to ensure that all contracts with counties and referral sources are expeditiously reviewed for consistency with organizational policy, goals and capacities, are completed and accurate. Ensure that all contacts are gathered from the counties, and referral sources are accurately identified.
  • Develop systematic process for all COYFC-related organizations for tracking contracts, MOUs, key organizational contacts and renewal dates
  • Ensure that process is trained and followed across the organization and departments to ensure contracts and MOUs are renewed and adhered to properly.

Compliance & QA/QI

  • Work with GH Program Director, GH Campus Director, GH Clinical Director, COYFC Director of Leadership Development, COYFC Grant Manager, WS Clinical Director, COYFC HR Manager and all organizational Management Teams to:
  • Ensure all policy and procedural requirements of ODJFS and CARF are met
  • Ensure all commitments to agencies placing youth with Gracehaven are communicated to all parties and they are met
  • Ensure grant guidelines are followed and commitments are met
  • Ensure compliance with all local, state, and federal laws
  • Ensure compliance with all COYFC policy, procedures and standards
  • Ensure compliance with YFC/USA policy, procedures and standards
  • Ensure compliance with State of Ohio Counselor and Social Work Board
  • Ensure compliance with ECFA, Guidestar and other fundraising oversight organizations
  • Understand all regulations we are under including - CARF, ODJFS, HIPAA, QRTP, YFC/USA, ECFA
  • Work with CARF Compliance Officer to ensure all QA/QI reports are completed at appropriate times
  • Manage the implementation of Compliancy Group for Gracehaven, WellSpring Counseling, and COYFC. Ensure all tests are completed on time and as intended for compliance.
  • Understand testing systems, training systems, and signature systems used (Teachable and OnTaks) to ensure they are being used correctly for compliance

Storage and Retrieval of Documents

  • Ensure that all documentation for compliance purposes is stored in a consistent manner and is easily accessible as needed
  • Ensure all contract documents, amendments and other contract-related communication is stored in a consistent manner and is easily accessible as needed
  • Ensure storage and retrieval systems meet HIPAA requirements when applicable

Records Requests

  • Ensure that all HIPAA records requests are documented within COMPLIANCY GROUP
  • Be the main point of contact for formal records requests that come in
  • Work with appropriate team members to respond to records requests legally and appropriately

Facilities and Compliance

  • Work with facilities to ensure our contracts are tracked and up to date
  • Work on the Gracehaven facilities and safety committee
  • Work with facilities to ensure that all facilities built or modified are in compliance with all programs

Audit Preparation

  • Help prepare for all audits relative to compliance - ODJFS, grants, CARF, and more
  • Ensure audit preparation is done thoroughly and professionally when needed


  • Work  on projects such as Medicaid, Ohio MHAS, and others as needed

Spiritual Responsibilities

  • Because COYFC is a community of like-minded individuals who share a common faith and set of values, we require the individual filling this role to fully embrace our statement of faith and code of conduct
  • Participate in staff prayer meetings and be able to contribute as appropriate
  • Pray for, and be able to winsomely represent the beliefs, and values of our faith community to contract partners and other community stakeholders
  • Ensure that the faith-based nature of our organization and mission is represented with clarity and integrity to contract partners
  • Ensure that the Biblical values of integrity, truthfulness, accountability and compliance with legitimate authorities are lived out by COYFC including all of its affiliates and subsidiaries as an element of our witness to the watching world

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