JOB TITLE:  Grants Manager

SUPERVISOR:  Director of Development

GOAL:  To advance the mission and vision of Central Ohio Youth for Christ by providing a high quality program for increasing grant income, managing funded grants, and reporting results to funders.


  • Identify existing and new potential funding opportunities from private, corporate and government entities.
  • Ensure high quality grant submission
  • Oversee successful grant implementation
  • Manage administrative needs of the Grants Department
  • Actively embrace spiritual commitments and responsibilities
  • Other duties as required


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:
Identify Grant Opportunities  
  • Consistently research new opportunities for grants related to existing or proposed programs operated by Central Ohio Youth For Christ, its subsidiaries and its affiliate Gracehaven (hereafter referred to collectively as COYFC)
  • Qualify new opportunities and prioritize best fits
  • Work with the existing teams within COYFC to ensure agreement and support for a particular grant opportunity prior to submitting grant application
  • Attend grant workshops and information sessions regarding qualified grant opportunities
  • Make personal contact with funder (whenever possible) prior to grant submission to review our intent for our proposal and ensure it aligns with the funder’s priority

Ensure High Quality Grant Submission  
  • Ensure all RFP’s are fully read, and all expectations and requirements can be met by our team if the grant were approved
  • Work with the appropriate team within COYFC to ensure that the program being funded by the grant fits well with their objectives and capacity to complete the work
  • Enlist aid as needed to refine the work plan and budget to eliminate gaps between grant commitments and existing policy/procedure
  • Take lead responsibility in writing the grant consistent with the work plan and goals agreed upon with the COYFC team
  • Ensure all required supporting documentation is included, accurate and up to date
  • Ensure grant applications are submitted on time 

Oversight of Grant Implementation (For Successful Submissions)  
  • Ensure access to full and clear award information and restrictions prior to implementation
  • Ensure a clear leadership and management responsibilities for each grant with agreement from staff to be involved
  • Develop a timeline of grant work and reporting deadlines
  • Ensure the Finance Department has needed accounting categories to track the grant spending as required by the funder
  • Ensure milestone reporting and/or billing is completed on time and in alignment with the grant plan
  • Address gaps in performance or spending as required
  • Be the primary liaison between COYFC and the funder if required to address gaps
  • Ensure the grant plan, including any amendments, is completed as agreed
  • Ensure final reporting is submitted to funder as required
  • Ensure final reporting is submitted internally to COYFC leaders as required

Grant Department Administrative Responsibilities 
  • Identify all elements of the grant making cycle for current grants (submission deadlines, reporting deadlines, etc.) and ensure they exist on a grant calendar
  • Ensure that workload conflicts between new grant opportunities and existing grant responsibilities are managed well
  • Maintain easily accessed records for all funders researched, grants submitted, grants approved, management processes and reports
  • Ensure adequate tools and resources exist for researching new grant opportunities as well as managing information
  • Develop and maintain a Grants Manual that includes policies, step by step standardized processes and reporting forms for the Grants Department
  • Develop and submit monthly and annual status reports to supervisor for the work in the grant department
  • Participate in supervision, staff meetings and other meetings as required

Spiritual Responsibilities: 
  • Because COYFC is a community of like-minded individuals who share a common faith and set of values, we require the individual filling this role to fully embrace our statement of faith and code of conduct.
  • Participate in staff prayer meetings and be able to contribute as appropriate
  • Pray for, and be able to winsomely represent the beliefs and values of our faith community to prospective funders
  • Ensure that the faith based nature of our organization and mission is represented with clarity and integrity to potential grant funders.
  • Ensure funded projects for faith neutral activities do no comingle funds with faith based activities or redirect funds towards faith based activities
  • Ensure faith neutral funders and all government funders have certainty that their funds are not used for faith neutral activities

                                      PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS

                                      Education: Bachelor's Degree in related field is preferred.
                                      Experience: Experience in prospect research and identification, data collection and analysis, outcome measurements and reporting results. Knowledge of community, corporate and family foundations. Demonstrated knowledge of fundraising and proven success of goal attainment. Knowledge of grant research and proposal writing practices and principles. Specific experience with Federal, State and Government grants.
                                      Skills/Competencies: Proficiency with Microsoft tools, excellent written and oral communication skills. Must possess outstanding research, writing, proofreading, planning, organizing, conceptual and strategic/critical thinking skills. Must be able to communicate in a compelling and succinct manner. Ability to work independently as well as with a team. Must be able to manage multiple projects, meet deadlines and be flexible to changing priorities. Time management skills with the ability to proactively plan the grants schedule; ability to take initiative, along with the ability to set expectations and hold others accountable.