Customer Support Representative Position Summary

The Customer Support Representative (CSR) is the primary point of contact for customer service inquiries as the account manager. The CSR’s job is to assist the customer in a professional, cordial, and effective manner, to assess the situation quickly and work to resolve it fully. The CSR will capture all the relevant data points in the designated CRM system facilitating efficient handling, monitoring and management of customer issues. The CSR will serve as a customer advocate with a focus on delivering positive results for customers. CSR Ownership commences from when the initial inquiry is received and continues until completely resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. The CSR will demonstrate the ability to solve customer problems, promote process, technology, and system improvements that enhance the customer experience, and establish excellent relationships with customers. All these efforts aim to reduce complexity for our customers and build customer satisfaction.

Primary Responsibilities

·         As Account Manager, Respond to incoming calls from customers in a timely, professional, and courteous fashion including but not limited to:

o    Account registration

o    Billing disputes

o    Status inquiries

o    Movement discrepancies

o    Chassis return locations

o    Over the Road Service

o    Problem Resolution with the Depots, Off Dock CY’s, and Service Centers to Assist Customer/Motor Carrier

·         Booking Management

o    Create Bookings

o    Approve Bookings

o    Update & Modify Bookings

o    Cancel Bookings

·         Monitor Customer Email Box

·         Onboarding of New Customers (Salesforce)

o    Offer Registration Assistance to Customers with the UIIA, AIM360, MyflexiVan, and ChassisNow.

o    Upon receipt of the New Contract Email from Salesforce Customer Support Performs the following:

§  Verify inventory availability with Operations & Service Centers

§  Review the customers current chassis usage (do they currently have chassis out on lease)

§  Initiate customer contact (phone & Email)

§  Review with customer any chassis they may have in their possession and ask if they want to convert to their new lease

§  Reconcile the chassis usage with the contract/tariff

o    Update CAMS with any current chassis in their possession, and convert them to new Term Contract

o    Coordinates pick up of remaining chassis with customer and Operations

o    Register customer with AIM360 if they are not already a current user

o    Ensure all Geo-Fence requests have been completed

o    Schedule AIM360 training with the customer

o    Provide AIM360 training to customer

o    Expedite chassis delivery until such a time all chassis have been fulfilled for new contract

·         Review and update Inventory by Region

·         Generate Sales Leads to Commercial via Salesforce Chatter

·         Street Turn Request from Motor Carrier (AIM360)

·         Out of Network - Reconcile Dedicated Accounts Motor Carrier Transactions

·         Send Daily Shift Turn Over Report (day/night)

·         Other duties as assigned


Key Performance Indicators

·         Answer incoming calls within 3 rings

·         Average call duration from time call is answered, until time call disconnects (TBD)

·         First email inquiry resolution – How many times does a customer have to call for resolution

·         Number of bookings created by CS vs online via AIM360

·         Survey details TBD


Key Skill Set and Competencies

·         Strong Communication skills – verbal and written

·         Strong capability to build positive customer relationships

·         Listening skills

·         Proactive Problem and analysis & problem-solving

·         Data collection and computer input

·         Ability to excel in a fast paced and dynamic work environment

·         Must be detail-oriented, accurate, and inquisitive

·         Must be able to multi-task and work independently as well as contribute to the overall success of the team

·         Must have knowledge of the geographic locations within the United States


Education and Experience

·         High school diploma required

·         2+ years’ experience working in a customer facing role with demonstrated understanding of customer focus and customer satisfaction

·         Knowledge of customer service principles and practices as a disciplined preferred

·         Transportation/Equipment knowledge preferred


Computer Skills

·         Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook

·         Experience in CRM like tools

·         Proficient with web-based applications

·         Basic knowledge of operating systems


Travel Requirements

·         Minimal and as required.


This will be a hybrid role ( In office at least 3 days a week).