This position will play a critical role in facilitating the return of company assets (chassis) for redeployment throughout our network. The role with interface with multiple departments such as Fleet logistics and operations, Field Operations, Technical & Maintenance Services, , Business Analytics, Commercial, Finance, Legal and others to devise a program to track and return equipment. Specifically, this role will develop, design and execute an organizational program and process for identifying and retrieving missing and potentially stolen chassis. This role with lead FlexiVan’s investigative processes across the organization focusing on identifying and recapturing misused, lost or stolen chassis. The position will work closely with Corporate and Field operating teams to identify and return stolen or lost assets into FlexiVan’s network. The role will work closely with Legal after operational tactics have been exhausted as an escalation path towards contractual and legal recourse or engagement with local law enforcement to retrieve missing assets.

Major Duties & Responsibilities

Chassis Forensic Analysis

a)    Develop, manage, and monitor all Operational needs related to identifying and recovering missing, stolen or out of control chassis. Conduct root cause analysis as needed.

b)    Employ investigative, holistic, and investigative tools and methos to systematically identify missing equipment and to secure its return.

c)     Lead organizational initiatives to track and identify missing, stolen or out of control chassis

d)    Build robust management process to support field and HQ execution activities to reduce missing chassis incidents

e)    Develop and maintain KPIs and trend performance data

Operational Engagement

a)    Conduct routine analysis to proactively prevent, mitigate and improve the recovery of the number of stolen, missing or “out of control” chassis.

b)    Manage the operations between HQ and Field operations to execute equipment recovery

c)     Work with Commercial and Legal as needed to escalate recovery initiatives as required

d)    Monitor and track customer performance to address repeat customer/motor carrier offenders and escalate solutions as needed

e)    Conduct regular process reviews to improve early issue identifications to expedite resolution opportunities

f)      Leverage available chassis data to collaborate with Finance and reduce A/R aging and company receivables of nefarious customer accounts


a)    Establish, develop, and lead a chassis forensic operating team including field operations personnel

b)    Provide management oversight of corporate chassis forensic functions

c)     Assist senior management with defining chassis forensic strategy and ongoing tactical resolutions to prevent, mitigate and resolve missing, stolen or out of control chassis events

d)    Establish relationship with key account in management of out of control chassis management where applicable.

KPI and performance metrics

a)    Assist with data gathering, data integrity, analysis, and reporting

Other Duties as assigned

Job Specifications

Minimum Education / Qualifications

·         Bachelor’s Degree

Minimum Years of Relevant Experience

·         5-10 years of working experience in transportation/shipping operations

·         5+ year management experience

Mandatory Technical Skills

·         Working understanding of finance, costing, and valuation.

·         Microsoft Excel – ability to create worksheets, charts/graphs, data tables, pivot tables

·         Office 365 suite – Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, SharePoint

·         PowerPoint – ability to create PowerPoint slides, insert graphics/images/shapes, animate slides


Other Preferred Skills:

·         Prior working experience in logistics, transportation, or supply chain

·         Prior working experience in Intermodal/Shipping domain



·         Self-driven to achieve goals, objectives, and KPIs

·         Excellent interpersonal skills, diplomacy, team player and meticulous with follow thru

·         Must be self-motivated and take the initiative

·         Excellent negotiation, problem solving, and analytical skills

·         Must be able to rapidly adapt and respond to changes in environment and multiple priorities

·         Ability to interact with and elicit cooperation from senior management and other departments