Function: Management of Service Center logistical and facility operations



Under the supervision and leadership of the Regional Director, manages the day-to-day operation of the local service center, including cost accountability and direction of all exempt and non-exempt employees on site


Key Responsibilities:


o    Direction of operations at the service center facility, including equipment in and out inspection procedures and estimate preparation.

o    Creates facility and activity-based budget, controlling actual spend to plan throughout the budget cycle.

o    Coordinates both on hire and off hire inspections with customer representatives.

o    Supervises shop manager to establish repair priorities and project schedules. Relays pertinent information that may affect schedules or impact daily workload. Adjusts available labor to meet schedules in concert with shop supervisor.

o    Manages operation of the company owned repair shop and storage yard. Directs the shop and yard foremen to ensure all areas are being run efficiently and following company rules and guidelines.

o   Monitors and reports on mechanic’s productivity. Investigates and addresses productivity issues as they arise. Takes corrective action as needed.

o    Implementation and oversight of company safety and employee health programs.

o    Performs chassis repair pre-inspections. Decides best course of action for repair, refurbishment, sale or scrap of equipment.

o    Performs chassis post repair inspections. Determines that equipment has been repaired as required.

o    Identifies multiple sources for equipment and facility maintenance services and materials. Utilizes the vendors that provide the most cost-effective methods that also meet applicable company standards.

o    Work with shop and yard foremen to ensure that repair and maintenance material inventories are on hand when needed in order to minimize work stoppage or equipment downtime.

o    Monitors and reports tire inventories as required. Orders tires as needed.

o    Tracks all company vehicle/equipment repair and maintenance schedules. Utilizes outside vendors to have vehicle repairs and maintenance done as needed.

o    Ability to understand Federal, state, local and any other applicable laws, regulations and rules as applies to employees, equipment repairs, and facilities.

o    Monitors building and property conditions. Takes actions as required to keep the facility in good operating condition assuring a safe and secure working environment.

o    Communicates regularly with Fleet Operations to project equipment needs that meet the demands of the customer base.


Position Specifications:




o    Minimum of two years supervising equipment or vehicle mechanics, including estimate creation and repair evaluation.


Technical Skills and Competencies Required:


o    Ability to work with multiple computer systems in recording repair estimates and invoices.

o    Ability to work with multiple vendors, both parts and service.

o    Ability to understand, interpret and communicate technical specifications and requirements.

o    Ability to understand Federal, state, local and any other applicable laws, regulations and rules as applies to employees, equipment repairs, and facilities.

o    Ability to organize work, scheduling and follow-up.

o    Competency working with Excel and Word.

o    Strong verbal and written communication skills.

o    Ability to conform to company standards with nominal day-to-day supervision.

o    Ability to establish and maintain a safe working environment and culture of safety.

o    Ability to adapt to rapidly changing requirements or priorities

Travel Requirements:


Mostly local, within a 75-mile radius of the service center. Occasional out of town travel for company meetings, special assignments that may require overnight or longer stays away from the normal workplace.


Education Level:


Four-year college degree or equivalent work experience.


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