We are currently searching for a Contract Specialist III to support the Department of Labor IT Acquisition Office:

1. Min 8 years of relevant experience in Federal contracting; IT Acquisition experience preferred
2. a Bachelor’s Degree
3. excellent writing skills
4. effectively oral skills
5. intimately knowledgeable with the Fed. Acquisition Regulations (FAR)
6. DAWIA or FAC-C Level III certification desired, but not required

Specific Tasks (experiences in for be helpful):

1. Assist the Contracting Officer in conducting reviews of acquisition
documents submitted by the Program Office to determine adequacy and
sufficiency. Such as, market research reports, acquisition plans, request for
quotes, request for proposals, etc.
2. Support the Contracting Officer in source selections and will be required
to sign Organizational Conflicts of Interest (OCI) and Non-Disclosure
Agreement (NDAs). All source selection evaluation information made
accessible to Contractor personnel shall be protected and treated as
“Source Selection Sensitive” information as defined in FAR 2.101 and
pursuant to 3.104, Procurement Integrity. All source selection information
shall be marked as such.
3. Prepare modifications for various contractual actions to include, but not
limited to, contracts, purchase/delivery/task orders, blanket purchase
agreements, indefinite delivery contracts, as necessary.
4. Complete all assigned orders within the agency’s and CO’s established
5. Complete and handle all files in accordance with acquisition regulations
and DOL local policies and procedures.
6. Administer and/or closeout Government contractual vehicles in
accordance with regulatory guidance and DOL procedures.
7. Participate in meetings as required. Meetings include acquisition planning
meetings, pre-award conferences, periodic progress review meetings and
other meetings as required by the Contracting Officer. During period
review meetings, the Contracting Officer (CO) and/or Contracting
Officer’s Representative (COR) will address performance issues, if any,
and appropriate actions to be taken. Attendance in the meetings shall be at
no extra cost to the Government.
8. Assist the Contracting Officer in preparing responses to Freedom of
Information Requests and Protests actions.