Job Description

The Associate Director, Training designs training curricula for employees across training levels and departments, and implements their delivery, coordinating with supporting subject matter experts, and scheduling with the Training Coordinator.  The Associate Director, Training shall ensure training requirements across all job titles and the associated job roles for each of these are maintained within the organization’s Training Matrix. Fulfilling this responsibility involves working with the Chief Scientific Officer, Director of Research Operations and Human Resources, to apply training materials and training management tools to design training material and programs, fill identified training gaps, schedule training events, and oversee quality systems related to the communication and documentation of training.


·       Promoting a culture of learning.

·       Developing role-specific training curricula for all levels of research and operations staff.

·       Synthesizing modular training materials from existing standard operating procedures (SOPs), guidance documents, manuals, audiovisual content, publications, and other resources.

·       Collaborating to generate a multimedia training library to efficiently and effectively orient trainees on principal facility procedures.

·       Support the ongoing use and development of Virscio’s Quality Management System (QMS) training module to define training requirements, document training completed and define training gaps to enable targeted training.

·       Working with the Training Coordinator, Testing Facility Management and Department Supervisors to develop, maintain and update Virscio’s training matrix.

·       Working with the Training Coordinator and other team members to define individual and team training schedules across departments.

·       Overseeing weekly research staff training meetings with designated presenters.

·       Conducting staff training as defined trainer when serving as subject matter expert.

·       Contributing to the weekly operational schedule by defining training times, locations, and participants.

·       Introducing and refining training formats aligned to given subject matter and/or individuals.

·       Proofreading and editing training documents when not lead creator.

·       Remaining familiar with standard operating procedures (SOPs) and SOP updates.

·       Contributing to the maintenance of facility SOPs.

·       Maintaining familiarity with best educational practices to inform training program.

·       Supporting staff pursuit/evaluation of internal and external professional development opportunities.


Education/Experience Requirements

·  Masters degree or higher (PhD preferred) with a minimum of five years of experience working in adult/higher education in the life sciences; other credentials considered if exceptional.

·  Experience managing an organizational training matrix within a validated QMS platform is strongly favored.

·  The ability to present information clearly and concisely through both written and verbal communications.

·  Strong computer skills required with experience in Windows and OSX operating systems

Additional Requirements

·  Collaborative in a team environment but also confident learning and working independently.

·  Ability to prioritize tasks effectively and meet project timelines.

·  Attention to detail and ability to identify and resolve issues effectively.

·  Strong interpersonal skills and comfort interacting with Management, research team and operations team through various modes of communication.

·  Demonstrated ability to adapt to the necessities of fast-paced research activities.

·  Demonstrated ability to think critically.



St. Kitts, West Indies.


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