CreditNinja is a FinTech company founded in 2017 by industry and start-up veterans, CreditNinja has been writing installment loans for consumers with less than perfect credit scores since April 2018. Since then CreditNinja has expanded to 10+ US states and currently offers 6 different product types that have been issued for a total of $94M. CreditNinja is well funded and set up to grow fast profitably. CreditNinja has a small, very agile team that is data and results driven. Headquartered in downtown Chicago, we are a lean and innovative team seeking like-minded talent to help us disrupt the consumer finance industry.


The Software Engineer in Test will be responsible for boosting the testing efficiency of the entire Engineering department by building test tools, services, and frameworks for our complex lending platform. This person will work closely with QA, Dev, and DevOps.

The right candidate loves building tools for technical people. This person knows that a good tool is composed of a few things:

  1. A well designed interface, which may be CLI, HTTP API, or even an Python/Ruby Library API.

  2. Designed for thoughtful extensibility by fellow QA or Dev.

  3. Great tutorial and API documentation to easily promote adoption and contribution.

The right candidate is a developer who thinks testing is exciting and believes all forms of testing (manual to automated) can be made faster, more efficient, and more accurate with the right kind of tools.


·    You will closely with DevOps on improving the general execution time of our automate regression system.

·    Build custom Python and Ruby libraries that generate test data such as Credit Ninja customers that can be approved for a loan in testing.

·    Improve the quality of QA's automated testing development by designing and implementing better abstractions for the QA team to use when constructing regression tests.

·    Will integrate into various 3rd party test tools to expand the type of testing QA can do.

·    Will build a system to track the long-term QA metrics desired by the VP of Engineering such as the probability of test failure based on historical unit/regression test runs and code churn.



We are looking for the first Software Engineer in Test to join our team. Being the first is special because it sets the pattern for future hires in this position.

·         5+ years of professional experience as a backend software engineer for non-trivial web applications

·         Experience working with Frontend developers

·         Strong communication ability to describe complex problems and solutions

·         Experience in an object-oriented programing language such as Ruby, Python, Java, etc.

·         Experience building libraries, CLI tools, and service for developers and QA

·         Strong ability to write technical documentation.

·         Experience setting up and enhancing CI/CD pipelines.

Additional Pluses, but not requirements:

·         Extensive experience using SQL and working with Postgres

·         Strong experience on in QA or DevOps

·         Expertise in Ruby and Python

·         Experience in Data Driven testing



·         Competitive salary and benefits package, including material equity grant

·         Casual dress policy

·         Fun, fast-paced work environment

·         Dynamic start-up culture

·         Ability to make an immediate impact in a growth stage company

·         Convenient downtown Chicago office located in the heart of the city

·         Equal opportunity employer