As a Microgrid System Modeler at VECKTA, you will have the hands-on opportunity to work at a startup that is making a dent in the universe. With offices in San Diego, CA, and Toronto, ON, our agile and collaborative team has developed a workflow and culture to optimize around the realities of remote work. You will have the opportunity to grow professionally and technically, and play to your strengths as it suits you and the business.

You will:

  • Create technical and economic models of microgrids and distributed energy systems that optimize for various objectives, such as least-cost, emissions reduction, and resiliency, to name a few

  • Develop model inputs through a variety of means: soliciting information from customers, pulling from publicly available resources, estimating from internal databases, etc.

  • Run optimizations with various objectives according to customer needs; present and explain the model inputs and results to customers; adjust inputs and objectives based on feedback from customers

  • Provide feedback to the product team based on your own experience working with the optimization engine, as well as feedback from customers 

Required Qualifications

  • B.S. or M.S. Mathematics, Physics, or Engineering

  • Experience related to modeling/simulation, power engineering, or economic assessment of investments in industrial and/or power equipment

  • Intellectual curiosity and a desire to grow

  • Good problem-solving skills

  • Attention to detail

  • Comfortable working remotely - opportunity to continue indefinitely for the right candidate in locations other than San Diego or Toronto

Desired Qualifications - but not required!

  • Familiarity with 8760-hr load profiles for various types of facilities

  • Ability to write scripts to process and transform data

  • Excellent verbal communication skills

  • Knowledge of optimization techniques such as Linear Programming and Mixed Integer Linear Programming

  • Familiarity with distributed energy resources, such as, Solar PV, Wind, Energy Storage, Diesel Generators, Natural Gas Generators, etc.

  • Knowledge of the operational considerations for various types of distributed energy resources