TITLE: Tier 3 IoT Support Coordinator

REPORT TO: Customer Care Manager

JOB SUMMARY / ORGANIZATION IMPACT: As the Tier 3 Support Coordinator you will work out of our operations office in Tampa, Florida. Your duties will include coordinating site visits to communities requiring hands-on support and installation of our product. You will work closely with the Client Experience Team and Support Team to ensure these visits are clearly coordinated and communicated ahead of time to provide seamless site visits.

RESPONSIBILITIES / ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Maintain an intimate understanding of core iApartments systems and devices. Onboard, train, and maintain working relationships with internal and external Tier 3 resources. Manage the ticketing process for Tier 3 visits from start to finish by creating work orders, scope of work, and scheduling. Recognize issues that require a site visit and issues that need to be de-escalated for further Tier 1/Tier 2 troubleshooting. Coordinate visits by maintaining close communication with the Client Experience Team, Site Team, and Product Team to ensure successful Tier 3 visits. Work alongside the Client Experience Team to help provide the utmost level of service especially in urgent situations. Recognize common pain points and issues site team experiences to work with other departments on improving.

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: Excellent verbal and written communication skills Demonstrated ability to prioritize tasks and manage a varied workload Must be able to work independently and provide multiple solutions to problems An excellent work ethic and attention to detail

PREFERRED SKILLS: 2+ years of experience in a Support or Support Coordinator role Experience with Salesforce Lightning Service Cloud/Field Service, or other type of ticketing system. (Zendesk, Freshdesk, etc.) Experience with supporting IoT/Smart Home devices is welcomed.